2018 Toyota Yaris iA Auto (Natl) Review

2018 Toyota Yaris iA Auto (Natl) Review

Hey there, fellow car enthusiasts and those just looking for a reliable set of wheels! Today, we’re diving into the wonderfully compact world of the 2018 Toyota Yaris iA Auto (Natl). Now, I know what you might be thinking – “Isn’t the Yaris just a cute little car designed for errands and short trips?” Well, strap yourselves in, because this little gem packs a big punch! Join me on this humorous and thrilling journey as we explore the delightful quirks and practical features of the Yaris iA. Discover our Quality Ames Dealerships.

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Unleashing the Charm

The first time I laid eyes on the Yaris iA, it was like love at first sight, but less cheesy. With its sleek and stylish exterior, this car exudes a sense of confidence that’s usually reserved for Hollywood action stars. But here’s the kicker: you don’t have to worry about being chased by paparazzi or starring in high-octane car chases to enjoy this ride! It’s a car for the rest of us – the practical dreamers with a flair for adventure.

Design: Compact Yet Sassy

Don’t let the compact size fool you; the Yaris iA has a personality as big as its heart. Its refined lines and subtle curves give it an air of sophistication, while the sleek front grille gives off a “come hither” vibe to fellow motorists. Trust me, you’ll be getting nods of approval from strangers who appreciate fine automotive tastes.

Interior: A Cockpit Made for Heroes

Step inside, and you’ll feel like you’re entering the cockpit of a space shuttle, except this one is equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, not rocket boosters (though that would be amazing). The Yaris iA’s interior design is well thought out, with ergonomic controls and intuitive infotainment, so you won’t have to channel your inner Einstein to figure it all out.

The front seats are surprisingly comfortable, even for long journeys, and the rear seating area is more spacious than you’d expect. Now, let’s talk about the trunk space. It might not be as enormous as Mary Poppins’ magic bag, but it’s more than enough for everyday use and grocery store hauls.

Performance: A Road Warrior in Disguise

With its 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, the Yaris iA can dart through city traffic like a caffeinated squirrel. Sure, it’s not going to break any land speed records, but it’s peppy and responsive, making the morning commute something to look forward to (well, at least a little).

Taking this zippy little car for a spin on twisty country roads is pure bliss. Its agile handling and precise steering give you the confidence to take on corners like a Formula 1 champion, or at least like an over-caffeinated go-kart driver. Embrace the hairpin turns with a gleeful “Wheeeeeee!” – you know you want to.

Safety: Defender of the Drive

When it comes to safety, the Yaris iA puts on its superhero cape and takes the mission seriously. With a host of advanced safety features like a low-speed forward collision warning system, you’ll feel like you have a trusty sidekick always looking out for you. The standard backup camera is like having your own personal superhero assistant, guiding you out of tight parking spots with ease.

Fuel Efficiency: The Eco-Warrior’s Chariot

Are you tired of spending your hard-earned money at the gas pump? Fear not, because the Yaris iA is an eco-warrior on four wheels! With impressive fuel efficiency, you can wave goodbye to those gas station blues and say hello to more money in your pocket for spontaneous road trips or extra guacamole at Chipotle.

Tech and Connectivity: Geek Chic

Being connected on the road is essential, and the Yaris iA doesn’t disappoint in this department. The infotainment system supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, so you can jam out to your favorite tunes or receive texts from your besties (not while driving, though!). Plus, the voice recognition feature allows you to impress your friends by changing radio stations with a simple voice command. Trust me; it never gets old.

The 2018 Toyota Yaris iA Auto (Natl) might be small, but it’s packed with enough charm and practicality to win over even the most skeptical drivers. From its snazzy design to its nifty tech features, this car has a way of making you feel like you’re driving something way more expensive.

So, if you’re looking for a car that can handle the daily grind and still sprinkle some excitement into your life, the Yaris iA is the ideal choice. Whether you’re exploring city streets or embarking on a weekend road trip, this little car will be your trusty sidekick through thick and thin.

So, go ahead and give the Yaris iA a shot. Trust me, it’s more than just a car – it’s a bundle of joy that will leave you with a grin wider than a Cheshire cat’s. Happy driving, my fellow adventurers!
Find out about the 2018 Toyota Yaris iA Auto (Natl) for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also be sure to check out our 2016 Toyota Prius c 5dr HB Two (Natl) Review and 2016 Volkswagen Passat 4dr Sdn 1.8T Auto SE Review here!