Used 2008 Toyota Prius 5dr HB (Natl) Review

Used 2008 Toyota Prius 5dr HB (Natl) Review

Are you looking for a car that’s both practical and attractive? Do you want positive attention from both guys and girls? Are you okay with people making political assumptions about you? Then, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the second generation Toyota Prius. Hello everybody. My name is Elliot and this is my 2008 Toyota Prius first released in 2004.

The second generation Prius is one of the best selling cars in the world. Don’t let its attractive exterior fool you. This thing’s also a powerhouse of performance and practicality. The second generation Prius Sport, a combined 110 horsepower from its inline four cylinder. And its hybrid electric system, both attractive to look at and comfortable to drive the 2008 Prius is a real treat.

Let’s take a look around. Now, while they may seem small by today’s standards, the Prius’s 15 inch wheels are actually quite efficient and they’re quieter than a church mouse pissing on cotton at highway speeds. One interesting thing that not a lot of second generation Prius’s have anymore is this outer hub cap.

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This is supposedly increases miles per gallon, and I’m guessing it saves me pennies at the gas pump. Not a lot of Prius’s have this anymore. If you see the second generator from Prius out on the road, it’s, it generally doesn’t have. Now let’s take a peek under the hood.

One cool Prius feature that not a lot of cars have is the support rod is actually attached to the hood, not the body. Under the hood, we have a beautiful air box that filters out all of the diesel smoke that gets blown in your face when you drive one of these cars and the hybrid Synergy drive box. Who knows what’s under?

Boy, the packaging is just beautiful. Heck, I bet you could tell some people there’s a V8 under here and they believe you. The mystery drive. We just, there’s no, let’s just leave that alone. It’s best you leave that alone. Taking a trip around back, we can see some of the Prius’s more distinct styling cues from its dual rear windows to its really cool, clear taillights, which would’ve been smoke and hot in the early two thousands.

Most aftermarket tuners were putting those kind of things on cars, but Toyota had the foresight to put it on their economy car round back at the Prius, agreed with even more styling Beauty. You can see it’s sleek sloping design, integrated rear spoiler, and it’s third wiper. You know what other kind car has one of those?

A three 50 Z. Here’s something you won’t see too much the gas cap on a Prius. That’s because you don’t have to fill up too often. What’s included though, and it’s cool, is a little place to store your gas cap. You know what other kind of car has one of those? An Acura TL open up the rear trunk and you’ve got almost 15 cubic feet of storage.

More than enough room for any road trip essentials, for any road trip essentials. Put the rear seats down and you’ve got more storage back here. Then you’ll know what to do with,

with an EPA estimated 50 miles per. The Prius is both practical, efficient, and good. But how does it drive? There’s only one way to find out. Let’s get this bad boy out on the road. Okay. Driving the second generation Prius. What is there to say? It’s extremely smooth, is visibility is great. You can see everything around you region breaking.

Now, cool thing about a Prius or owning a Prius is that your brakes really never wear, because if you’re driving ginger you’re always using the regen and you very rarely tap into the actual brakes, which is pretty cool. Considering a lot of people who buy these to be cheap. One thing you’ll save money on is brake pads.

Course there’s a Camaro for me, you’re getting bad gas mileage. Dude, having all that fun, poor mpg. As far as long-term reliability goes, the Prius is actually really great. I thought that, when you read online about these cars, there’s all these fears of, oh, you have to replace the hybrid battery, and that can cost thousands of dollars.

But you can find replacement batteries for around a thousand dollars and probably even cheaper if you get a refurbished battery. Another thing I’ve learned is that the batteries really don’t go bad. All that. With regular driving they can last upwards of 300,000 miles. A lot of people on the forms are still on their original batteries.

Another cool thing is because of the simplicity of everything, there’s really nothing to go wrong mechanically, this car only has one belt driven accessory, but water pump, everything else is electronic. So there’s no crazy serpentine belt set up or anything weird like that. It’s just. A big electric motor and a little four cylinder, and that’s all you’ve gotta worry about.

Now, performance and handling we’re gonna take this thing through, through some curves here and see how she does.

It’s not great, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever driven. You’d think with the small wheels. Big body that this thing would handle terribly, but it’s really pretty good. And the ride quality is excellent for what I would describe as a rental interior visibility is, Great. Like I said, there’s really no dash clusters so you can see straight over the hood.

And considering the hood light is so sloped at the end of the windshield is basically the front of the car, so it’s very easy to park and know where you’re at on the road.

Don’t mind me just driving a Prius.

This is one of those things when you come to a stop light in this, Everybody’s looking at you and I mean everybody wants it. 

Turning on to a little isolated stretch of road here,

and let me show. What a quick jaunt to 60 miles an hour is like, all right, we’re stopped. The engine is off the Prius way, and we’re getting on it a little bit and.

Now you hear all 110 horsepower thumping away. There it is. Who knows how long that was. It’s okay. The car can get on the highway all the time. I see Prius owners not merging very fast, and it’s not that the car can’t do it, it’s that the driver won’t do it. I urge you, please don’t hate Prius’s. Maybe save your judgment for the drivers.

Just a Prius passing by. Okay? One of the things you need to get used to in this car is people shouting things at you like, holy sheep, sh Is that a Prius? And dude, texting and driving is illegal. What are you. So overall, I can’t think of a better daily driver. It’s got a really cool screen to watch. That’s not distracting at all.

Other than the amount of attention you get from driving a silver second generation Prius. It’s just, it’s so practical and so affordable that this car is impossible to ignore if you are into cars, or even if you’re not into. I love the Prius. I don’t know what else to say. I love it. So the second generation Prius, both a good looker, a generous performer, and an efficient automobile really is the whole package, and it’s a lot more fun than a Ford Fusion or a Honda Civic for a daily driver. Find out about the 2008 Toyota Prius 5dr HB (Natl) for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our Used 2016 Honda Odyssey 5dr EX Review and Used 2010 Toyota Highlander 4WD 4dr V6 Limited (Natl) Review here!