Used 2008 Volvo XC70 4dr Wgn Review

Used 2008 Volvo XC70 4dr Wgn Review

The Volvo XC 70 Wagon combines real off-road ability with first class safety and luxury appointments, virtually alone in terms of direct competition from other premium brand wagons. The XC 70 S closest competitor remains Subaru’s Outback wagon. While the Subaru may be a more capable off-road warrior, it can’t match the XC 70 s luxury trimmings and premium brand status.

If a big SUV is more vehicle than you need, and the third row seat is not an issue, the Volvo XC 70 is the ideal mode of transport for the active lifestyle family. Hello and welcome to our comprehensive Kelly Blue Book. Of the Volvo XC 70, if you’re looking for a roomy wagon, capable of mild off-road excursions, but safety, comfort, and economy also holds sway.

The XC 70 is the ideal vehicle, but there are a number of reasons you may not like this car. The XC 70 is most comfortable with only four passengers. It can’t tow like a V8 powered suv, and its base price is higher than what you’d pay for a fully loaded Subaru Outback Limited. The XC 70 s driving dynamics are far superior to most truck based SUVs, but not quite as confidence inspiring as Volvo’s V 70 or V 50 wagons generous ground clearance permits the XC 70 to venture off road without fear, but the same soft suspension that gives the XC 70 such pleasant road manners can cause the wagon to bottom.

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Especially when traversing rutted terrain at speeds above 20 miles per hour. The base model’s 3.2 liter V6 delivers adequate acceleration and fuel economy, but it’s the T six version’s turbocharged engine that really brings life to the XC 70. One of our favorite features on the XC 70 is the standard hill dissent control, which holds the car to a near crawl when descending, steep or slippery slopes, we like the available dine audio stereo system.

Great. Crisp pies and surround sound features so clear. It makes even the news sound good. The XC 70 shares much of his exterior styling with Volvo’s other family wagon, the V 70, the tact on siding applied to early versions is gone, leaving a clean, elegant appearance more in line with the Volvo image.

Bumpers and lower doors are still protected by flush fitting matte black body cladding while the window line is made lower for improved visibility. Tail lamps mounted along the side. Pillars allow for a wider tailgate opening, making a bold styling statement. The XC seven s interior is as much about function as it is form the handsome interior features.

Easily identifiable controls all within the driver’s. And Volvo’s signature open back center console adds a touch of elegance befitting Volvo’s premium car status. Although we like the concept of Volvo’s rise up navigation screen, its presence distracts from the dashboard’s organic flow. And its position makes it difficult to reach and operate.

Options such as the Blind Spot Information System and adaptive cruise Control help improve the driver’s ability to avoid a collision. While Volvo’s rear seat boosters are designed to elevate older children within reach of the vehicle’s side. Curtain airbags, when not in use, the rear seat can be folded completely flat or in a three-way split combination, allowing for both cargo and passenger.

The Volvo XC 70 has a long list of appointments including standard all-wheel drive. The XC 70 also comes with dual zone automatic climate control. An eight way power driver’s seat with memory and manual lumbar control, heated side mirrors, and MP3 compatible CD player and Bluetooth hands-free cell phone connectivity.

The sporty T six adds a turbocharged engine, 17 inch alloy wheels and performance inspired watch dial instrument. All XC 70 s feature, dynamic stability and traction control. Hill dissent control front side and side curtain airbags and protective skid plates among the XC 70 s, many options are a power rear lift gate heated leather seats, blind spot information system, bing on headlamps, child boost.

A power passenger seat, rain sensing wipers, and a rear seat DVD entertainment system. Also available is adaptive cruise control, which maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, H D navigation, a power sunroof, keyless drive, and a 650 watt dine audio surround sound system with 12 speakers and a six disc cd.

The base Volvo XC 70 is powered by a 3.2 liter in line six, good for 235 horsepower and 236 pound feet of torque. This engine delivers adequate performance in the 4,000 plus pound XC 70, but fails to deliver the punch required for quick passing maneuvers. The T six S turbocharger transforms the tepid 3.2.

Boosting the horsepower rating to 281 and torque output to 295. Even with the Volvo’s six speed Gear tron, automatic transmission and manual shift mode, both engines earn lackluster fuel economy ratings in the mid-teens to low twenties. The manufacturer suggested retail price for the base. 

 To find out what consumers are paying for their XC 70 s, be sure to check the new car Blue Book value page. Competitors include the less luxurious, but equally capable Subaru Outback and SUVs, such as the Land Rover l r.

And Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, which can match the Volvo’s upscale pedigree but aren’t as car-like in ride and handling. As for resale, we expect the Volvo XC 70 to hold a better than average resale value over a five-year period performing better than the Land Rover L R two, but not as well as the Subaru Outback.

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