Used 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Review

Used 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Review

This is a high-mileage review of a 2009 Chevy Silverado. The Chevy Silverado was redesigned for the 2007 model year. Um, this particular one is a 2009 and at this time has 209,000 miles on it. Let’s take a walk around the outside. This Silverado has held up fairly well over 209,000 miles and 10 years.

There is some body damage, but we can’t hold that against the truck because that was caused by. Um, probably a telephone pole, um, right there. The paint though has held up remarkably well over the years. One of the common complaints with Chevys is that the white paint on their trucks has a tendency to peel off.

I have not experienced any of that on this. Particular truck, even though this hood is covered with snow, there’s no peeling paint or any excessive wear chipping or anything else. Now, one of the biggest concerns if you’re considering a used truck of any brand, um, but especially Chevy, is rust. The 2000 or 99 to 2007 body-style trucks were known to rust very prematurely.

The rocker panels in a few years were pretty much soft and rusted out. Um, it does not seem to have been something that affects this model year as much. At least this particular truck in this truck has been in the northeast its entire life of 209,000 miles. Let’s take a look at the wheel wells because that’s one of the places where these trucks are prone to rust.

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And as I was saying on this one, there seems to be no rust. Um, everything has worn, worn very well. There’s no real, uh, flaking or anything on the inside of the fender. Well, one of the other places, um, like I said before on the old trucks, was rocker panels. And this truck maybe is just start. But hey, 10 years, 200,000 miles on a truck.

It’s just starting to rust. I can’t complain about that at all. Here, you can see it below. As you can see, rocker panel rust compared to the previous generation truck is vastly improved. But as we move to the back here, you can see that we have some starting. So overall, after taking a walk around the truck and uh, spending a little bit of time with it, considering this truck is 10 years.

Um, and the mileage that it has on it, I feel like the body paint and everything has held up very well, including rust, which the Chevys are not known for. Uh, let’s hear the engine now.

The engine still runs, remarkably quietly. No exhaust.  Manifold leaks or any other noises of the sort. Just a solid running little vortex. This particular truck is 2009, as I said before, and it is, uh, fitted with the 5.3 liters,  vortex, which I would assume is probably the most popular engine this or the four eight.

Very similar engines. Very reliable. For the most part, the most common issue that I know with them is the lifters may collapse due. Active fuel management is where the engines shut down certain cylinders to help improve fuel economy. I’ve dealt with that on a, uh, 2009 actually, uh, Chevy Suburban, um, that collapsed two lifters within, um, a very short amount of time.

Um, other than that, it’s still a very quiet running, uh, engine. Um, it really isn’t gonna require a lot of maintenance for you other than regular oil changes. 2009 also was the first year. GM’s new six L 80 transmission for their 1500 series trucks. It replaced the four L 60 E transmission, which if you’re familiar with it, um, was always one of the weak spots of previous generations.

Chevy trucks and other vehicles for many years. Um, they weren’t a super reliable transmission like some of the other ones for their heavy-duty trucks. So the six-speed is definitely a welcome addition, uh, to the newer Silverados 2009 and up. The only real mechanical wear that I have found so far, um, with this truck is.

The front differential makes a little bit of noise, um, just maybe slightly more than what it did from the factory, but it’s really not much. Uh, it’s just maybe showing a little bit of wear, obviously with that amount of miles. Um, a four-wheel drive still works flawlessly. It goes in and out and gauges. Um, with no problems whatsoever.

Um, that’s just the only thing I’ve noticed of any weird noises or anything that way. One other good note about this Silverado is I have noticed that the steering is very tight, and very responsive, almost like it’s a new truck. I don’t know what the, uh, maintenance records are. Anything it’s like on this truck, maybe it was very well kept, um, judging by interior and just overall cleanliness from when I bought the truck.

Um, that would not be my guess. My guess is that it was just a work truck and was used as such. Um, but the steering, um, and all of those components had held up very well. It drives, it drives almost like a new truck. Um, this was not a strong suit of the previous generation Silverado, which always had, um, some serious play in the.

Before we take a look at the interior, one of the coolest things the Chevy did while they opted to not go to four full-size doors for the extended cab as Dodge did. Um, they did add a very useful feature to the third door. For their extended cab trucks, that is, it opens a full 180. Obviously, this one needs a little WD 40.

Um, but overall still works very well. Now this particular truck has the work truck interior. An interesting fact about this generation of Chevy trucks is they offered two completely different interiors and this one has the lower option. That was geared more toward people. Who are doing more construction or labor-type jobs rather than just towing or being on the highway?

Um, they offered, uh, features like door handles that were easier, um, to grab a hold of if you’re wearing gloves, um, and extra storage inside of the glove box. Plenty of room for whatever you may need with very wide, um, door panel options as. Now subjectively, I have to admit, this is probably my least favorite interior, um, GM has ever put in a truck.

I feel like they cheaped out. I feel like it’s all hard plastic. Um, there is nothing that I particularly like about this interior. The design overall, um, is just average. I would put it on par with the pre-1995 trucks, um, where they had the big square, um, dash.  It does function well. Has held up decently, the driver’s seat, um, while not ripped or anything like that.

The foam is definitely worn out. As you can see here, the armrest in the center has seen its better days along with the armrest wear. Um, Chevys are always popular for their buttons wearing off. Um, whatever they use for all of their buttons is just junk. Um, and will wear off after a short amount of time.

Though this particular truck has worn better than most, other than that, and general dirt grime, it accumulates after 200,000 miles. Um, The interior’s held up pretty well. The backseat has average space compared to previous generations but does have an easier, better-designed seat that you just have to pull up on to give yourself a fairly flat floor to load things.

Another important note about the interior is all the electronics, radio, and all of those things still function as intended. All the windows go up and down very. Um, and there’s no, uh, check engine or other warning lights. The only thing, um, is there is a dead battery in one of the tire pressure sensors. Um, so that light is illuminated.

Otherwise, there are no air codes or anything to be worried about. So that brings us pretty much to the end of the review. It’s not really fair to count, um, the cost of purchase on this particular truck because this was a co-part-bought truck. It has a salvage title actually in our title. It was already.

Prepared and it been, has been inspected in passed with flying colors, no issues there. Um, I actually videoed that process and there will be a link to that video at the end screen for this video. As you can see, this truck has held up very well.

I would highly, uh, recommend if you’re. The market for a truck, but you can’t afford a new one consider a higher mileage older Chevy truck. Now these particular trucks I felt like have had more problems and that’s been reflected on reviews as well, um, compared to the 99 to 2000, um, seven body style.

They’re still a very solid vehicle and have obviously held it better to some of the common issues that the previous generation had with rust and so on. Just remember, in your purchase, the condition is everything. This isn’t necessarily a particularly clean truck, but mechanically it runs 100% even though the body has dense, um, the mechanics are there and that’s something to always be your number one priority, uh, to look for in a vehicle purchase. Find out about the 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our Used 2013 Ford Mustang 2dr Cpe GT Premium Review and Used 2016 Chevrolet Traverse AWD 4dr LT w/1LT Review here!