Used 2012 Honda Odyssey 5dr EX-L Review

Used 2012 Honda Odyssey 5dr EX-L Review

 Minivans play a large role when it comes to people movers with both utility and features. They’re truly the jack of all trades. Now, Honda recently refreshed their minivan, the Odyssey, giving it a sharp new look. Hi, I’m Joel Feder with High Gear Media, and today we’re gonna review the 2012 Honda Odyssey.

Most people cringe at the thought of driving a minivan because, well, a box on wheels, is what comes to mind, but the honesty actually has some flare with this lightning bolt character line. It has a lot of glass and a distinctive profile up front, you’ll notice Sweatt, back headlights, and a variation of Honda’s corporate.

Now overall, the front and the rear are quite conservative, but this lightning belt bolt line actually ends up giving the Odyssey a very distinct side profile. Moving on to what really counts in the minivan, the interior. Now the swoopy dashboard design really helps maximize the interior space for front-seat documents.

There’s a lot of plastic on the dashboard, but thankfully there are three different materials that helps break up that plastic. And thankfully there are not see buttons over here. It’s very easy to use. We have the eight-inch navigation screen with live FM traffic and that’s standard on the touring, like our model and optional excl.

We really appreciate these comfortable seats. They’re great for long road trips and our model has a tenway power seats in the touring. Also, we really like these eight pillar little. Because those help with visibility when driving down the road, the heart of any minivan, utility, and the Honda Odyssey has in spades, but there are a few things missing.

Let’s break it down. The third row is called the magic seat, and it folds flat into the floor with one tug of strap. While the magic seat has an awesome name and a simple to use, there is no power folding option that the competition offers. Unfortunately, the second road is not full flat, like the vans from Chrysler Dodge, but the seats are removable, though they are heavy, each seat is independently removable, so you can even remove just the middle seat in the second.

This provides more room for car seats. You know, feature wise, the Honda Odyssey truly has everything you could possibly want in the minivan. For example, on the XL and touring models, you have a cool box cooler up in front. Now that actually actively cools whatever you put in there, so you can have your kids juice boxes in there and cold air will blow down into it.

Keeping those juice boxes at frigid temperatures. Optional on XL Trims and standard on Touring is a nine inch rear rear seat entertainment center to keep the kids occupied. Our touring elite actually has a massive 16.2 inch ultra wide high definition, 10 80 I true high definition TV screen. It actually has a class exclusive HTM I input, but no Blueray player.

So if you want Blueray, you’re gonna have to plug in a PS three or other device. Now you can also split screen this. You can watch two different movies for two different kids on the car ride into the cabin. All Odyssey features two 12 volt power outlets and count ’em 15 cup holders, but get the base honesty and you have to make you with only 10 cup holders.

Out. Ex and XL models have second row sunshades and touring. And touring. Elite have second and third row. All Odyssey models have power side doors and power lift gate, and of course you have plenty of cubbies to store your knickknacks throughout all the cabins. Safety and minivans is very important, really important because after all, you’re carrying the most precious cargo.

Your kids now the Honda Odyssey. It’s safe, really safe. How safe? It earned five star crash test rating in every test from Nitsa, and it performed in the top category for every test from the I I H S. It. Side curtain airbags, driver’s side airbags, passenger side, airbags, every airbag you could want. And it has class leading six Heather locations for car seats and five locations for the latch system.

Now the Odyssey’s actually one of the best handling minivans on the market, and that should actually help you hopefully avoid an accident in the first place. Unfortunately, Bluetooth hands free and a backup camera are not available on the base model and we feel it’s real shame. Safety was all 2012 Honda Odyssey.

Mileage is powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine producing 247 horsepower, and that power sends to the front. No all-wheel drive is available. Like some of the competition now, ex and LX models make do with a five-speed automatic transmission while touring models end up getting a six-speed automatic transmission, and that boosts fuel economy up to 1928.

Now the five-speed automatic transmission and the ex and LX only give 1827. That means that the touring model ends up getting best-in-class fuel economy, beating even the Toyota Sienna four-cylinder. That is impressive. The Honda Odyssey offers best-in-class handling, sometimes making it even feel like a large sporty sedan with sporting intentions.

It also has feedback and an actual driving road feel. We actually really enjoy driving it, and it’s by far the best driving minivan in the market.