Used 2013 Chevrolet Sonic 5dr HB Auto RS Review

Used 2013 Chevrolet Sonic 5dr HB Auto RS Review

Like Dodge Chevy hasn’t always had the best reputation when it comes to building a competitive small car. In fact, just think back and remember the Chevrolet of Veo. Actually don’t remember it because the company would probably want you to forget all about that subcompact. Today let’s take a look at the replacement for the avail.

This is a 2013 Chevrolet Sonic. Now the Sonic was introduced in 2012 as the replacement for that sub car subcompact car. And this thing competes head on with the Honda Fit, the Ford Fiesta, the Hyundai Accent the Nissan, versa. And ever since it came out, Chevy really has gotten a lot of praise for this Sonic.

It’s. Nicer and much more competitive than the product that came before it. And like a lot of other subcompacts, the sonic comes in two different body styles. There’s a sedan like this one or the hatchback. You can take your pick between the base LS, mid-level lt. And then of course my tester is an ltz.

This is the top of the line sedan for 2013. Chevy did introduce an RS model for the hatchback only which is like a sportier model. It’s supposedly supposed to compete with that. The Ford Fiesta St. The design of this vehicle is totally different and unique from most of the other subcompacts.

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The front end just looks very polarizing. In fact, the headlights, they’re actually two separate pieces. There’s a different housing for the high beam and the low beam, although it looks like it’s designed to be one piece. It’s Chevy says This vehicle is designed as like motorcycle inspire inspired.

Of course, you’ll also see the company’s familiar. Bow tie emblem in the front with that split grill. The vehicle’s also a lot bigger than most of the subcompacts in the class. And then being that this one is an LTZ model, it comes standard with features like fog lights, the 17 inch alloy wheels, the leather red seats, the Bluetooth streaming audio, the MyLink.

This thing really is a nice vehicle and it doesn’t actually remind you that you’re driving a penalty box like most other so subcompact cars used to in the past. Now, when you look at the interior of this all new Sonic, again, it completely throws. Any disgusting memories you had of the A veil.

This thing is just really nice in terms of its cabin and the materials and the design. Now, stepping in side the vehicle, you’ll notice that it’s quite roomy feeling in this cabin, especially compared to the Ave, which I felt was. Cramped, but overall, the interior of this vehicle is very stylish, unique.

Here’s the key for the vehicle. It’s Chevy’s switchblade key. There’s no push button start available on this trim, even this high trim. So stick the key in the ignition, you’ll see the same motorcycle inspir inspired gauges. That’s basically the theme for this vehicle when it came out. I can see you’ll have a traditional analog talk with a tack, with a digital speedometer, you’ll your fuel gauge.

I’m not really a fan of the font and I guess the Radio Shack style look of the digital speedo, but it looks good enough. It actually, it kind of clashes with this is the new, a new feature for thousand 13. This is the Chevrolet Modeling System and it’s standard on the LTZ trim. All the other trims will not have this.

They’ll just have a regular stereo system. You can see it’s got. Touch sensitive controls, which sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. I’m trying to get the system to turn on. I’m not really a big fan of the fact that there’s no knob to turn up the volume, and there’s not even a tune.

Everything is just touch. This is not my favorite setup. As you can see, sometimes it works really well. Other times it works. Okay. You have, your audio, your picture, your telephone app, your smart smartphone link. So you’ll have your Pandora, Stitcher tune in and then. Brio, which I don’t even use these last three, I only use Pandora regardless.

The screen looks very nice. It clashes with the somewhat data looking screen in the instrument panel. But as far as the rest of the interior, this is a subcompact car, so you’re not gonna expect a mo a really nice interior. The materials are actually cheap. If you ask me, it looks nice, but when you touch the materials very cheap feeling plastics, it fits together well.

There’s nice storage solutions here. Chevy actually gives you a nice dual glove box here with some pretty good storage, but I think they could have used a softer touch material, especially when the Ford Fiesta, the Kia Rio the Hyundai Accent, they have nicer materials. The door panels also are hard touch plastic here.

Chrome door handle, it’s even hard touch right here. This is probably my biggest gripe. This should have been soft touch, especially since I rest my elbows there. If the window is automatic up, down for the driver only. Every other window is just a manual. It’s not a one-touch like the driver’s side. Now you have a manual zone climate control.

Surprisingly, this one has the heated seats with the faux leatherette. This is not real leather. Don’t expect to find like power seats or anything like that. A six speed automatic transmission is included with this model. This one does have the optional 1.4 liter turbo. You have a manual shift mode here with.

Rocker switch, what the Ford does when you put it in reverse, there’s no backup camera. If you go for a 14 model, it comes standard on the LTZ model. But the thirteens did not have a backup camera. Thankfully Chevy does include this nice armors here, but there’s no center console here, which is the case for most of the subcompacts in the class.

Now, the back seat of the Sonic is also an area where it’s a little bit on the tight size actually compared to the Ford Fiesta, which is it’s main American rival. This is probably about the norm, but a Honda Fit aver. A Hyundai accident. It’ll give you more space back here, but it’s decent.

There’s pretty good foot space underneath the seats. You can have one cup over there. There’s no armrest here, but you do have adjustable headrest. And when you look at the back seat here, the materials, they’re the same cartridge plastic from the front seats. Now opening the trunk of the Sonic sedan, it’ll reveal about 14 cubic feet of space.

You can see the seats do fold down 60 40. If you guys go for the hatchback you’ll. 30 cubic feet when you fold the seats down. Thankfully for the sedan, this is the largest in the class. But again, if you guys are looking for the most versatility, I would recommend the hatchback.

And when you look under the hood of the Chevrolet Sonic, you’ll find a pretty unique engine for the class. This is Chevrolet. Rated engine, you’re gonna pay $700 for this engine. It’s a 1.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine, which is a little bit smaller than the standard 1.8. The numbers are quite decent, 138 horsepower.

But the torque number’s really where it’s better. It’s 148 pound feet of torque. The gas mileage is also better than the 1.8. It’s rated at 27 37, which is about average for the class. Most pe most vehicles will get, 40 miles to a gallon. Chevrolet does offer that if you go for the manual transmission.

The automatic, like my tester does lower. PPG now compared to other modern four cylinders with turbo. This one does not have direct injection, and it is an iron block. So let’s take a look at how it all works together. Now, I know a lot of you are probably skeptical about purchasing a subcompact vehicle from Chevy.

The company has not had a reputation for building us a strong subcompact, at least until this vehicle came out. And let me show you exactly why that is.

Now my initial impressions are when you hit the throttle. This 1.4 liter turbo is designed for fuel efficiency. Don’t expect it to be the most powerhouse. Like most turbocharged, engines you’d probably expect them to be. This thing is more for the fuel efficient option.

Now, the 1.4 does make a very weird sound. It doesn’t have the most refined. Actually, I’m a little disappointed by how agriculture it sounds. It’s a little bit noisy, however, the power is there. The vehicle has that mid-range pool that you really don’t expect in a subcompact vehicle. Vehicle like this, compared to the Buick Encore, which I have driven this engine is definitely a lot noisier.

So props to Buick for upping the refinement in the encore. But in terms of power delivery I think Chevy could probably work on it. But in terms of the straight line acceleration, expect a zero 60 time of a baby about nine seconds. It is a little bit quicker than most. Vehicles in the class. Now when you are going down the road, the Sonic, surprisingly has the driving dynamics of a compact car.

This vehicle is bigger than most of the subcompacts and it weighs a lot more, weighs about 300 pounds more. My tester that I’m driving weighs about 2,800 pounds. It’s relatively heavy. A fit or a fiesta is about 2,500 pounds. But you feel it when you’re driving this vehicle. The handling is very secure.

The Rio is pretty good despite being a semi-independent in the back. It’s not a full independent suspension. And in terms of the quietness, this vehicle is on the quiet. Is quieter side, but the engine noise does creep in and it’s a rather unrefined engine noise for me.

Again, don’t expect the turbo forward to give you a very potent acceleration like a Ford Fiesta St. Wood. But when you’re just going down the road, the Sonic has very secure handling. The steering actually gives me pretty decent amount of feel and the vehicle changes directions. Really, it actually doesn’t feel very heavy despite the fact that it is bigger and heavier than most of the subcompacts in the class.

Honestly, in terms of, if I was gonna take this car on a long road trip, it’s mostly like every other subcompact car. It’s not very comfortable pro. I probably would have a tough tie in choosing between this and the Fort Fiesta. The Fiesta. I noticed the interior is a little bit quieter if you guys are driving the old Honda Fit.

This will feel very quiet and supple compared to that vehicle, which is pretty high strung. Now in terms of the visibility, this is a small car. Surprisingly, you have very big side mirrors, very decent visibility throughout. The integrated blind spot in the mirror is new for 2013. The steering wheel feels good in your hands.

The seats are also pretty comfortable. Even though this is the faux leather, it’s very convincing. It doesn’t feel like the cheap leatherette that I’m used to feeling, especially in Chevy’s own spark with its with the faux leather. This feels a little bit nicer to me

now when you really. Gas. I do notice the transmission is rather hesitant to give up its top gear. And of course Chevy’s done that for fuel economy. So I really think that the Sonic probably could use a revamp for its transmission. It pisses me off honestly in daily driving. But anyways, we’re coming to the end of this review and my final thoughts for the Sonic is it’s definitely a much improved vehicle.

Is it a class leader in terms of the sub-compact? No, I don’t think it is. I. A million times better than the veil. But then again, a lot of things were better than the veil, but the turbo engine is rather potent. I like the power delivery it has. I don’t like the refinement and the noise. It makes the transmission’s a little bit jerky. Find out about the Used 2013 Chevrolet Sonic 5dr HB Auto RS for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our Used 2011 BMW 3 Series Review and Used 2007 Honda Civic Sdn 4dr AT LX Review here!