Used 2013 Land Rover Range Rover 4WD 4dr HSE Review

2013 Land Rover Range Rover 4WD 4dr HSE review

Land Rover has made it more luxurious than before. So rather than thinking of it as being an suv, you should think of this car as a lim. You can drive pretty much anywhere, and that’s why we named it the 2013 Carbu Luxury Car of the Year.

Despite the new look, there is no mistaking. This is a Range Rover. It has all the classic design cues of the old car, but with an even more aristocratic air, the shape is slightly less brick like so a bit more streamlined while making the body outta aluminum. Means the latest Range Rover is around 400 kilograms lighter than before.

Another improvement is room here in the back. Now this new Range Rover takes up the same space on the road as the old one, but with that vehicle, when you climbed inside, it got in the back. You were like, what’d they do with all that room? It’s, it’s gone. Whereas it, this one, it does feel spacious. In fact, there’s, I think there’s about 11 centimeters more knee room in the back, and so you can stretch out and it’s very comfy back.

As you can see, loads of headroom as well. There’s even lots of headroom if you’re in the middle seat as well. There. It’s fine for adults because it’s wide, easily fit three people across here and everyone has somewhere to put their feet because the floor is flat. You’re also slightly raised up above the front seat, so you get a good view out and yeah, you really can just, you know, sit back and relax in the back of this.

It’s even better in the front though. Just check that out. The interior is perhaps the Range Rover’s defining feature. It’s just a gorgeous machine to sit in, in terms of luxury. It’s right up there with the likes of Bentleys and Rolls Royces. The new center console is cleaner than before with fewer buttons and plenty of classy gloss trim, though you can have it with wood if you prefer.

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The equipment is impressive too. And light for light. The Range Rover beats its rivals. The options list is plentiful as well. You get stuff like a 1700-watt sound system. You can also get an entertainment system for the rear passengers. There are also massage seats and yeah, you can decide how you want your massage.

Oh, to be? Yeah. That’s nice. There’s also stuff like Automatic parking, so it’ll steam into a space and there are all-around cameras, so you can, well help navigate through tight spaces as well. That’s really handy. You can also get this lovely panoramic opening sunroof.

And now it seems to be raining inside the car. As for safety, well, I could go on about the five-star Euro in cap safety rating and the fact you can get stuff like blind spot warning on the options list, but really, None of that matters actually because when you’re driving in this, you actually feel like you’re driving around in your own personal nuclear bunker.

Speaking of which, there are plenty of hiding holes throughout the cabin to prevent your clutter from spoiling the interior ambiance. You can even get a fridge to keep your drinks chilled. Cool. The Rain Rover is also good for carrying loads because the boot is huge with the seats in place and even bigger with folded.

And because it’s got the classic split tailgates, you got somewhere to take a rest during a grueling day shooting car review videos. Although more likely with a Range Rover, a grueling day shooting grouse, you don’t even have to put in any effort to shut the boot other than doing that.

That was hard work. The Range Rover is imposing, luxurious, and full of gadgets, but really the best thing about it is the way it makes you feel like royalty when you’re driving it. There’s something about the way you sit up high in these. Thrown like chairs that just make you feel superior to every other road user.

And how the excellent sound, insulation, and supple suspension nearly rock you gently when you go over a bump that isolates you from the outside world And it’s, it’s as though the normal stresses of driving just don’t seem to apply. When you are in a Range Rover, obviously the likes of the new Mercedes S class will have a similar calming effect on you, but he can’t do any of this.

The new Range Rover may be as luxurious as any limousine but is just as capable off-road as ever. The low ratio gearbox combined with the very latest electronics makes it easy for the novice to tackle even the most treacherous of terrain. You can even drive it through water up to 900 millimeters deep.

While an optional sonar can warn you, that pole is in fact a lake. So the Range Rover is great off-road, but they always have been. The thing is most people who buy this kind of car, Are never ever going to take it off-road and you’ve got all these four-wheel drive gubbins that adds weight to the car. And even though it’s a lot lighter than it was before, it’s still pretty heavy.

And yeah, the handling is greatly improved. It no longer goes around corners like a supertanker. It is more agile, but. It’s still not as sharp as something like a Porsche Cann. And then there’s the economy, the TD V six. It can do North 16, 10.4 seconds and it returns 37 miles per gallon. That’s not too bad really, but you’ll get better economy from a BMW X five.

What’s more, the Range Rover size makes it a little tricky to navigate through tight spaces, so you may well be needing those optional surrounds. And self-part features, but while there’s plenty of techs, it’s a shame. The touchscreen you control most of the gadget through is a little bit slow to respond.

The menus aren’t the simplest to use either, and the screen’s definition isn’t great then. Yeah, there’s the, there’s a small matter of reliability and the last Range Rover ranked lowest for reliability in the 2013 driver power customer satisfaction survey. And if you want, you can have your say about your car by visiting driver

Finally, there’s the fact some people will find getting in and out of such a tall vehicle isn’t as easy as slipping into a normal saloon like an Audi eight. Alright though, so dignitaries or your grandmother will find it easy getting in and out of the back of something like an Audi eight. But personally, I know which car I’d rather have.

It’s this, it’s, it’s the train. After all, it’s Car Buyers 2013 Luxury Car of the Year. Now you’ve read our review of the Range Rover. 
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