Used 2019 Ford F-150 XLT 4WD SuperCrew 5.5' Box Review

Used 2019 Ford F-150 XLT 4WD SuperCrew 5.5' Box Review

Let’s take a look here at the 2019 Ford F-150. XLT is super crew with a 5.5 box, eight cylinder, three liter engine. Hey, got the uh, keypad entry here as well. All cloth upholstery throats. Lots to see here in this 2019 F-150. So let’s climb on in and take a look around.

All right, you do have a tilt and telescopic steering wheel. Your cruise control options over here on the left hand side and your driver information center menu there as well, your lighting options, parking, brake, and you also have the intermittent wipers there. And you got your gear shifter here with the drive mode, volume control, and you also have the hands free calling and voice command there.

So you’re gonna do everything with your eyes on the road, nice and safe. And you got the auto stop function, which you can disengage. So if you, uh, I don’t wanna utilize it. It’s not something everybody enjoys. You don’t have to, of course, it’ll be more fuel efficient should you do so. And you got your traction control and hazards and the full color touch screen here, you gonna pair up those devices, you get the apps that you can connect from the uh, Ford Services.

Hands free calling once again and the audio source selections. And you do have a M F M and Sirius xm A capabilities and no surprise when you put it in reverse. You’ve got that full color rear backup camera with a trailer and a trajectory guidelines, and you got your four wheel drive select here. Volume control, temperature controls.

AC button, fan speed operator. And down below, let’s, uh, see if we can get a better look here. You have 12 volt and you also have a pair of U s B cup holders built into the frame. More storage space in that armrest cup holders once again, and this will lift outta the way quite easily. And once again, yeah, you do have the all cloth upholstery throughout and, uh, 12 volt power once again.

So absolutely no shortage of power for your, uh, accessories to plug in and a sizable glove box with your overhead lighting options located there. All right. Take a look here at the rear profile of the vehicle. You’ve got the Econo Boost badging. There in the right hand side. You got the chromed bumper,

penda liner liner here in this truck to keep everything nice and smooth and clean and organized. You’re not gonna damage the truck, putting things in out. You get the tie downs, you also have the overhead lighting and that tailgate very easy to handle. It’s back in position there with, uh, one hand on the camera here the whole time into the rear of the vehicle.

Lots of leg room here in this, uh, super cab truck. Love this nice deep tinted windows and for the power back here. You have 12 volt and you also have a pair of usb, so your passengers are well looked after. And again, uh, nice deep tinted windows here on the back of the truck. They’re overhead lighting. And I’m just gonna reach in here and pull this tab to show you how those, uh, seats go up.

And you’ve got that, uh, 60 40 split here in the back and again. The all up cloth upholstery. And again, just one hand. And that’s gonna do it for the 2019 Ford F-150 XLT with the 3.3 liter engine eight cylinder.

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