Used 2009 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn LE Auto Review

Used 2009 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn LE Auto Review

Let’s get right into the review. So this color here is gonna be super white, which is a pretty standard color on a lot of Camrys. And then the interior on this one is gonna be ash leather. The powertrain consists of a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine, made with a five-speed automatic transmission, that gets you 158 horsepower. And focus on that back end there. I’m gonna pop the trunk and plenty of cars. Come around the side here. I’m gonna pop the fuel tank and there’s that with the cap there. And then I like that you can take the cap off and then you can just kind of hang it right there while you’re filling up and then put it back.

Let’s zoom in on these sixteens down here. Like I said, that’s gonna be an optional wheel. Definitely worth the money back then. I mean this thing’s tear for 23 grand new in 2009. This is just insane right now with all the car prices is. Let’s get a look at that front end. We have our housing headlamps here. Let’s go ahead and pop the hood. There’s that 2.4-liter four-cylinder, but next, let’s go ahead and take a view from the driver’s seat. So from the driver’s seat here, pretty good space. I have about half an inch of headroom here, and then my legs can slide underneath the steering wheel. And really good seating on the side. I don’t feel like I’m about to fall off either side.

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So, like I said, the seats are very comfortable and I like that you get the leather throughout. But this seat right here, the passenger side is actually gonna be manual, but the driver’s side over here is gonna have a power seat back and seat bottom, which is pretty adjustable. And here we have our glove compartment.

But now let’s go ahead and delve into the radio, which with this being 2009, is not a lot to really go through, but. You can toggle your power there. You can go through your audio controls there, so your bass, treble, fade, and all that. And then, of course, you can turn to go through the actual options in that, or you can adjust what radio station you have.

And then we have a CD player here of course, and then an OX input, and then a few more radio functions here we can toggle between the tracks. What band we’re on? And then of course our presets here. And then we can adjust our radio up here and you can see, or not our radio, our clock, excuse me, and then the clock is gonna be way back in there.

But down here below the radio, we have our AC controls. So each knob you can push to adjust whether you have the defroster here for the rear, the AC here, or the vent closed off here. And then down here have a little stove, and then we have an OX input back there. As you can see. Now let’s go to the shifter.

Now to the shift. We just hit the brake and pull, reverse neutral drive, and then we have a three and then a two. Then we can go into low mode here and we toggle there. So low, second, third, fourth, drive neutral, reverse part, two cup holders. Over here, we can stow those as well. And then over here we have a 12-volt.

A little more storage. And then for our center console cubby space, we have a pretty good size with a removable tray. Now let’s see if we can hit the steering wheel over here. So volume controls here, trackless or radio station presets here. And then we can actually toggle our modes between FM am and then if we have something hooked up, we can use that as well.

And then we can hold this to actually turn the audio off. And then over to the right side of the steering wheel. On the bottom here we have our cruise controls. So you tap that and then you can set resume, and then you can toggle on and off. Of course, windshield fiber controls here on the knob to the right headlamp control turn signals to the knob on the left.

And then there’s a look at our gauge cluster there, and we can just toggle our trip and odometer there. But finally, let’s go ahead and take a look at the backseat. So I’m really impressed with this rear seat room. I’m six-three. Like I said earlier, the seat in front of me is adjusted for someone of that size, and then I can still sit back here and have about probably a centimeter two of headroom.

But I can actually, if I sit back, my knees are not touching the back of the seat here and I have pretty long legs, so I’m just really impressed that you could fit five big adults in here. And then we even have a center seat with cup holders here. We can fold that up and down and I like how everything just feels so plush.

Even the back of the seats, the leather feels really nice. But that’s about it. Like I said, this being a 2009 lot, not a lot of technology features, but next we’re gonna go ahead and take this 2009 Camry out on the Road four test drive.

So surprisingly, really good pickup coming out of the parking lot. They’re very impressive, especially for a natural as. Rated four-cylinder and the five-speed shifts very smoothly. We’ll give you some throttle here. And road noise is pretty good. It’s a little bit of wind noise, but nothing that I wouldn’t expect from a car like this. What’s crazy to me is everything is working as it should perfectly, even though this car has 136,000 miles on it, and that’s one thing. That a lot of people like about the, I don’t wanna say the old Toyotas, but probably the older Toyotas at around the turn of the decade, 2007 and 2013.

They were just really simple, really easy to work on, and really easy to maneuver. You had very few problems out of these, and that shows on this Camry here, that’s almost 15 years old, still driving like it was the day it was bought. The brake pedal feels really good. Now, one thing that I’m noticing just a little bit is on these Toyotas. The steering wheel does a little thing when you’re turning it and just about every 45 degrees, you feel it click in the wheel, so I don’t know what that is. My tundra used to do it too, but it doesn’t feel as harsh as my tundra was because that had about 220,000 miles on it.

I can’t remember if it was a wheel bearing or what, but it’s something that I would get looked at personally. Other than that though, just a perfect drive. Nothing to complain about in this car. And the overall size of this car really makes it something that people are interested in as well, because you have plenty of space on the inside, but you’re just driving a normal sedan. You don’t feel like you’re in a, a large car, maybe like an Impala or something. Thing. And you also don’t feel like you’re in a, a clown car either. Just a normal commuter and it shows when you’re getting 30 miles per gallon plus on the highway, and you still have that acceleration when you need it. It isn’t fast, but it isn’t. Flow either.

And another impressive aspect is just driving down this road here. It’s so quiet in here. I’m not hearing any rattles, any weird sounds, any. Weird shifts, anything like that, just really, really smooth.

Probably the worst thing about this Camry is gonna be the paint, and of course that super white is known for, I mean, it’s a cheap paint, so a lot of trade-ins that you’ll see, whether it’s a tundra Camry, Corolla, it shows that the. White is the super white because you can see the black underneath and scratches easily, but standard paint, and if you’re just looking for basic transportation, then that’s one of the few things that you’re actually worried about. But as we come to the end of the test drive, I’m just gonna give you my final thoughts on the 2009 Toyota Camry.

So I wanna give a huge shout out to Chevrolet Buick GMC of Murfreesboro for allowing me to review this camera today. I’ll leave a link below to the vehicle as well as their website and the description. But I want to give you all a quick look at this key because it’s a turnkey. Find out about the 2009 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn LE Auto for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our Used 2007 Toyota Yaris 4dr Sdn Auto Base (Natl) Review and 2009 Toyota Camry 4dr Sdn LE Auto here!