Used 2011 Cadillac CTS Sedan 4dr Sdn 3.0L Luxury AWD Review

Used 2011 Cadillac CTS Sedan 4dr Sdn 3.0L Luxury AWD Review

This car is equipped with a three-liter V6 engine that is all-wheel drive. This car is fantastic. it drives exceptionally well in the wet, in the rain, snow. On beautiful days. This car performs. The engine is just immaculate. with the three liter v6, it’s also a standard with a six, speed automatic transmission with a 17 inch alin painted rims, that have the, 17 inch, all season tires as well. We also have a tire pressure monitor and Bluetooth for your phone.

The interior is where it’s definitely at. The exterior looks amazing. So let’s go now and look at the inside. And here we are inside the cts, and as you can see, we have lovely luxury, seating and luxury handles and luxury everything. This car screens performance and screams luxury and quality.

I’ll give you more of a hands-on approach, so don’t mind my feet in this video. but I’m just gonna give you more of a hands-on approach to most of the features in the vehicle. Start on our left. we have nice soft leather touch, on the handles in our, and basically this is like where, where I like my arm to sit right here.

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And I think it’s a perfect height. It’s perfect comfort level. absolutely love it. we have this nice carbon fiber looking, The trim finish here. with these nice chrome handles, we also have the seat memory seats, right here. So alls we have to do is set our seats to whatever it is we’d like, that are powered.

Hold down one of the one or the two buttons. it’ll beep. And then when you push it, the next time someone’s fiddling with your seat, it’ll go exactly where you had a set before. We also have, powered mirrors, power windows, and power locks with child safety locks and windows as well. There’s our parking brake.

We have a lovely leather wrap steering wheel that has our, cruise control vole, voice commands, and pretty much all those features right there on the steering wheel. Very accessible. Nice racing style, and steering wheel as well. Very responsive. In the middle where we have our speedometer, right to the right of our, our PM meter, we have our driver information center.

So on the left here. we can push one of these buttons and I’ll actually control, our driver information center. So we have our fuel range, average economy, timer, and pretty much anything we can think of. There’s our digital speedometer. and then we also have different settings as well, like our tire pressure monitor, et cetera.

So, the car gives you, digital feedback, on what the car is actually doing, how it’s performing, when you need to basically fill up and when you need to get it checked. So very handy, very easy. oops, excuse me. when we, work our way to the middle, you can see that we have our, radio that has am fm and XM Radio.

, as you can see, we have an FM AM and XM button right here, so we don’t actually have to go fidgeting through where our XM radio is. There’s a button. Exclusively for it, which is I think extremely handy. we have, nice chrome accents, over the buns and over the vents, and over the steering wheel and over the handles.

, gives it a, a lovely, lovely touch. we also have heated seats on both sides, that we can also, change the intensity too. So if we want it really hot, we can set it all the way and, all the way down until we turn it off. we have dual climate control, so both driver and passenger can actually experience different, temperatures in the same car.

So if one person wants it a little bit warmer, one person wants a little bit cooler, they can set it to whatever it is they like. and then controlling the fans and such right there. On the dash. We also have air conditioning and, front and rear defrost like you would, in any other Cadillac. we also have a CD button, auxiliary button.

The auxiliary is actually located just under here. you can see that’s where auxiliary is under 12 volt outlet as well. And then another storage compartment, just underneath, here as well. so yeah, so lots of storage space. And then we also have, oh, and this one as well. We can put our wallet, our keys, pretty much anything we’d like in there as well.

So we have two storage compartments right in here. very nice leather in here. A very nice, smooth metallic finish. for our cup holders. this is just a very nice, a very nice finish to the car. It feels very smooth. good to look at too. we also have our CD player just underneath that. And then one thing I really like about this vehicle and, and it’s very familiar to any Cadillac owners already is that, analog clock right in the middle.

I think that’s a, a phenomenal, touch to the luxury and the simplicity of this vehicle. I love the simple face to the clock. You can set it however you want. I think it’s a very, very nice touch. I think, it should stick around for a while and if you like things like that, this is a perfect accessory for this vehicle.

We also have a nice deep glove, glove box and we also have, power windows and power locks on our passenger side as well. and then we also have our Bowes, surround sound speaker system, which is. which sounds incredible. good thing about the bow speaker system is that when you turn it up, you can turn it up as loud as you want, and the vole oil actually cut out, basically only you, only higher once it starts experiencing a crackling.

So, good old Handy bow is down at bows, coming up with that ingenuity. so you’ll never really blow a speaker ever in this car. So listen to as loud as you want until it gets crackly. in your tone settings, you can change it around a bit. but no matter what tone settings you have, or CD auxiliary or even radio station, it’s different.

Radio stations have different frequencies, and tones to their music. just like, or different than a CD or auxiliary wood. so the bows actually modifies the frequencies and then cuts out whenever there’s any unnecessary crackle. So really good touch. I mean, I, I think sounds important. I think comfort’s important, obviously in the driving experience is immaculate.

, and all these things add up to one amazing driving experience. So that’s the front. Let’s go check out the back. And as we head to the back of the cts, you can see that we have our, Passenger vents back here. that will keep us cool in the, in the smer and warm in the winter. We also have lovely premi leather seats in the back.

, enough space. well passenger space with three passengers, with a full length seatbelt in the middle. Have you seen any other videos? I’m a big, I’m a big fan of the, third passenger seatbelt that goes from collarbone to hip, very securely. So you’re never sacrificing, any safety for your third passenger.

, if you have the, two passengers, we also have a full down arm, RAs with cup holders, and we also have rear cargo, mass rubber cargo mats in the back as well. There is lots of leg room. It is very luxurious back here. I’m about 5 11, 6 feet tall and I have, enough headroom back there, more than enough head room, and a very, very decent amount, very generous amount of leg room as well.

, so not only is it very safe, it also sounds very good cuz the, the, the bow speaker system, it’s incredibly comfort. So anyone’s doing long commutes. It’s definitely gonna be comfortable. And, your legs are never gonna be cramping, I promise. When we come to the back, just lift up the latch here. we have a cargo net back here, so it keeps any, belongings, such as, groceries or anything like that, very safely secure in there.

We can also remove that. It’s not a problem. the seats also, in the back actually fold down. So if you need something to put anything longer in there, you can do so. There is a lot of storage back here. so you can put definitely a large amount of groceries, gym bags, hockey bags, and anything longer like a golf bag, you can definitely do so in this vehicle.

Nothing looks better than showing to a golf tournament or, golf practice there. Your buddies driving up in one of these. That’s for sure. This car is definitely worth the attention. so all in all, lots of storage space, lots of cargo space, very comfortable for the driver and also the passengers. This car is definitely a car you need to drive.

 I mean, you could get anywhere, but I mean, actually sitting down and driving it, I mean, test drives are free and we we’re always more than happy to let, to let anyone coming in who, who’s looking at, to buy a Cadillac to sit in the driver’s seat and taking it for, taking it for a drive. Find out about the 2011 Cadillac CTS Sedan 4dr Sdn 3.0L Luxury AWD for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our Used 2014 Volkswagen Beetle Coupe Review and Used 2014 Chevrolet Cruze 4dr Sdn Auto Diesel Review here!