Used 2011 Honda Pilot 4WD 4dr EX Review

Used 2011 Honda Pilot 4WD 4dr EX Review

This is one of the nicest specimens of this vehicle we have had here in recent history. This is a one-owner unit with a clean Carfax history showing no accidents and no damage.

Since brand new this vehicle has resided. In Northern California, in the city of Santa Rosa, all of its life. It was purchased originally from Manley Honda in Santa Rosa, which coincidentally is the dealership. I purchased my Honda from my 2017 Accord. But besides the point, I had a great experience.

They’re great folks over there. Uh, this vehicle has been purchased from that dealership, is brand new, and has been maintained meticulously at the same Honda dealership, all of its life where it did. Just recently get traded in vehicles this age, typically do not get resold by the franchise dealership. So fortunate enough for us, we were able to purchase this from that franchise dealership and offer it to our customers.

This thing is just about as nice as can be inside and out. The exterior body and paint shine like the brand new interior is clean and free from any rips or cracks. Pet hair damage or any smoke odor whatsoever. All electronics and proper working order. This is the E X L, so it’s very well equipped with all the bells and whistles you would want.

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It’s got a backup camera, premium sound system, heated seats, tilt up and slide back, moon, roof, and of course leather interior, which is what the L stands for. This vehicle’s absolutely gorgeous as you can see from the headlights that are nice and crystal clear, this thing has been garage and properly loved all of its life.

We’ll go ahead and take you. For a tour of the interior. But first, do wanna show you that you are deep in tread. All four matching Michelin tires have tons of tread left in them. It’s not an exact science folks, but every time I see someone has put a set of high end Michelin tires on a vehicle, it’s typically always a very good sign that they did not skimp out or cut any corners on any other care or maintenance.

And this one shows we have the records to prove it. Looking at the interior, you’ll see that the leather. There is nice and soft. It’s plush, soft to the touch. You have all your creature comforts here, such as your power, windows, and door locks. You have your multifunction steering, wheel control, leather wrap, steering wheel, all carpeting and mats present and accounted for.

Leather interior is absolutely gorgeous, like near new automatic transmission shifts. Just as smooth as butter. And look at that folks, two main keys, and you have your valet key present and accounted for all three keys that the vehicle came with, books and manuals all present and accounted for. It’s what you would hope.

To expect from a one-owner vehicle. Folks, you are not gonna find a nicer one out there anywhere. Could always find a cheaper one on paper for a few hundred dollars less, but you are sacrificing a whole lot if you pass up on this particular one in order just to save a few hundred dollars on a different unit that is of lesser quality, I guarantee you some storage space ride over there.

And you also have this rolling. Door over there that’ll expose two additional cup holders and some additional storage space, some dividers that are movable. Inside here, you’ll find your extra roomy center console with 12 volt power outlet as well as an auxiliary,

and it is well uh, lit as well. You have, uh, your premium sound system with uh, six CD in dash changer and satellite radio. You do have your home link up here so you can program up to three garage doors and not have to worry about having a remote. Over here you have your tilt up and. Slide back, moon roof.

We’ll tilt up first and demonstrate that for you. You have one push slide back all electronics and perfect working order. We’ll go ahead and slide that shut over here you have something a little bit interesting. You have your sunglass holder as you would expect, but then you also have a little mirror, but you can keep an eye on the little ones out back, make sure they’re behaving.

Once you pop. Inside the vehicle here, I want to show you the backup camera. Once you pop your vehicle over into reverse, you’ll see a camera that’ll pop up on the corner of your mirror, which will magically disappear and become into a mirror whenever reverse is not engaged. All right. You have your dual zone climate control up front.

Technically it’d be a tri zone climate control, cuz once we get into the back, I’ll show you. You have your own dedicated controls over there as well. 107,645,000 original miles, and this thing is just as neat and as clean as can be. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the rear. While we’re over here we’ll go ahead and pop the hood as well.

Taking a look at the rear, you’ll find the same theme throughout. Folks, this vehicle is gorgeous. It has not been trashed by children. In the back. Here you have two cup holders. Over here in some additional storage space, you do have an armrest with two additional cup holders. This can go right back in there.

You have a third zone climate control with your own dedicated direction and fan speed and temperature with a 12 volt power outlet. Plenty of room here for three adults to sit quite comfortably. Plenty of leg room, shoulder room, and headroom. All headrests are present and accounted for two different ways.

You can recline your seats back. One is from up here. You can just fold it down and be able to slide back over there or put cargo over here for that sick, or you have a second way where you can use this lever and it’ll slide it forward, allowing. You a bigger gap to be able to slide back over there by grabbing onto this handle.

Then pulling yourself in the third row seat is very usable. It is equipped with three seats and three seat belts back over here. So this is technically, let’s see, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 passengers. You’ll also have your own dedicated, uh, cup holders and storage pouches. And your own dedicated dome lights and your own dedicated heat and AC vents back over here, so all eight occupants can be quite comfortable.

Unfold this back on your, uh, tailgate. You have a few different options over here. You have your glass section that you can put up. If you just have some light groceries or something small you want to put in there. And then you have also the o uh, opportunity to close this and lift the whole tailgate for larger items.

This third row seat does obviously fold down flat. You just pull down on this lever over here. Then push forward for additional cargo space. So depending on if you have the need for passenger space or cargo space, you have ’em both. Another thing I want to point out, folks, that we pay close attention to a direct auto outlet, although we pay close attention to everything, but little things are oftentimes overlooked.

Like these shocks that hold the hatch open, oftentimes they are left, left in need of replacement at a lot of dealerships when they’re selling you a car, this value and this price, we pay attention to every little thing. I wanna make sure your overall satisfaction is there and that you’re happy with your product.

This tow hitch looks like it’s never even been used. There’s not a single scratch in it anywhere. Dual exhaust pipes, V6 engine is very potent, very powerful. Get the job done. Take an A look back over on the passenger side again. See much of the same throughout some additional storage space on the back sides of the seats. Seats do operate in the same path.

The door panel are all in great shape. Child safety locks are standard equipment. And finally, taking a look at the front passenger compartment, you’ll see that it is also clean damage, free and pristine throughout. Folks, I wish I had a need for a mid-size SUV like this so I can keep this for myself, but I don’t our loss.

Is your gain, no damage, no cracks on the dashboard anywhere. Some additional storage space and your extra large glove compartment houses all your books and manuals and wheel locks, wheel locks, books, manuals, and all three keys on a one owner clean Carfax vehicle. Possibly the most popular Make vehicle on earth with the right miles, right options, right color.

Folks, this hits on every bullet point. You can imagine. Now you would think that that would make this vehicle extremely easy to sell and it should be. However, with Toyotas and Hondas and Lexus and Acuras, we do get quite a bit of lowballers that come by as well. And typically, if you, the public allow the vehicle to stay around for enough time, and by enough time, I mean a week or two, those low ballers will first.

Take a look at it and love it. Make us a lowball offer, which we would not accept. They will go away and after shopping around and going to every dealership out there, they will come back and purchase it. It is up to you to not give those lowballers ample time to realize that this is the best. Car at the best value out there within hundreds and hundreds of miles of us.

So please take my advice. Come here first. Come here ready to purchase. You will not be disappointed. This engine is just purring away, like a brand new 3.5-liter variable valve timing engine and an interstate battery. Also a very expensive battery. Another indication of proper care on this vehicle. Find out about the 2011 Honda Pilot 4WD 4dr EX for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our Used 2013 Chevrolet Cruze 4dr Sdn Man ECO Review and Used 2009 Kia Borrego 4WD 4dr V8 EX Review here!