Used 2013 Chevrolet Cruze 4dr Sdn Man ECO Review

Used 2013 Chevrolet Cruze 4dr Sdn Man ECO Review

It’s a pretty well known fact that back in the day a man, American manufacturers really struggled to bring us a compact car that could challenge the supremacy that had been established by Honda and Toyota. If you ac. In fact, if you asked me back then, which was worse, the small car from Chevy or Dodge, I probably would’ve said it would’ve been a tie.

They’re equally bad. That all changed when Chevy brought us this vehicle in 2011. This is a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze. Now, this vehicle replaced the ill Chevrolet Cobalt, which wasn’t actually as bad if you compared it to the awful Chevrolet Cavalier. But nevertheless, when the cult, when the cruise was introduced in 2011, it really ch upped the bar for a small car in the American market.

Or at least in the American manufacturer market, um, and Ford follow CLO or followed afterwards with their focus. And then of course, Dodge brought out their dart. Now this 2013 Chevrolet Cruz is pretty much the same car that was introduced in 2011. Chevy actually hasn’t made any update to the vehicle in terms of its styling for 2014.

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There’s a new diesel version, but the cruise is available in four trims. There’s the base ls, the eco trim. The lt, which is available in two subdivisions, the one LT and two lt, and then the L T Z. What I have here is a two lt. You can distinguish it as a two LT from the rear disk brakes. The 17 inch alloy wheels, the leather interior, and the cruises styling is aging pretty well.

It’s a very clean, conservative look. Uh, it definitely appeals to the older. Older generation, if you’re there in the market for a compact car, the younger, the younger generations, they tend to prefer the more curvaceous and stylish lines of the focus. But even though this is a very conservative looking car, it’s a a little bit bigger than most of the, the compact cars in the class, and I think that it’s very cleanly styled.

I do think that Chevy needs to probably make some updates soon, especially with the updated Honda Civic. A redesigned Mazda three and the new Corolla. The cruise definitely is looking a little bit old and bland next to its more stylish competitors. Now the interior of the new Chevrolet Cruise is a pretty nice place to spend time.

It is relatively roomy and comfortable for a compact car. Now stepping inside the vehicle, it is lower to the ground, is expected for a compact car. And of course this is, I guess, GM’s newer design. Of course, this doesn’t have the latest in GM’s latest or newest technology in terms of its infotainment system or its, or its engines and such like that.

Here’s the key for the vehicle. You actually can’t even get pushed on the start, on the cruise. Uh, while it’s. Competitors are offering that, so you have to stick the key in the ignition.

Of course, the 2013 mile does have the Chevrolet Mile link that is new for 2013. If you guys had a model before that did not have that screen, and of course what you’re hearing is the Uplevel engine. This is GM’s 1.4 liter Turbocharged four cylinder engine. I’ve showed you that engine in the Chevrolet Sonic and the Buick Enclave, or Encore, I’m sorry.

Now the window is automatic up, down for the driver. For the passenger. It’s actually automatic down, but not automatic up. Um, and in terms of the materials in this vehicle, it’s a big step above from the old cobalt. I mean, Chevy GM used to have a bad reputation for cheap interiors. The crews definitely elevated that and they made it more of a priority.

I’m not sure I’m a fan of this weird woven, you know, material that’s on the dashboard here. It’s pretty scratchy, but at least it is soft touch. But it’s just weird how the dash has this woven fabric while this one has leather. Um, it’s actually hard touch plastic up here. There’s a little bit of a storage area here.

The, um, This is all hard touch plastic here over the instrument panel. It’s also hard touch plastic right here, uh, on the upper door panels where you might rest your elbows, but at least it is padded right here with more of that weird, um, scratchy fabric that’s on the door panels. Um, now in terms of the rest of the aesthetics, I mean the fin finishing here is decent.

I do like the contrasting silver painted plastic with the black piano trim. It’s a relatively simple interface here. Uh, the buttons are pretty well labeled. This is Chevrolet MyLink. So if you want to, you know, go to the home screen here you have your. You can basically see, you know, your Amm fm, your XM satellite radio, usb, stuff like that.

You can option up navigation if you want this, but this is a relatively small screen in terms of some of the competition. Um, when you put the vehicle in reverse, it actually does not give you a backup camera. If you want a backup camera, you have to go for the ltz. Some of the cruises competitors have made a backup camera as standard equipment, so Chevy needs to really up the bar in terms of its standard equipments list.

Um, the steering wall. It’s the corporate steering wheel. You have a nice bolstering extension here. It’s leather wrapped. It’s a pretty light steering wheel. Don’t expect to find steering wheel mounted paddle shifters for the six speed automatic transmission. There’s a little shiftable gate right here.

The center console here is slightly padded, but it’s relatively small. Again, some of its competitors offer more storage solution, especially, uh, in terms of storage solution right here, there’s not much, um, The interior, the cabin, while it is relatively nice, it is starting to peel a little bit old, especially if you sit in one of the latest Chevrolet design products.

Now, checking out the backseat of the cruise because it is a little bit larger than its competitors. The backseat is on the bigger end. Although, um, if you want the most space, the Corolla, the center, the. Civic, they offer a little bit more space in this, but nevertheless, this is a little bit more than what you’ll find in a focus about the same, what you find maybe in like a Mazda three.

The seats are very, very low. I’m not sure I’m a fan of the bench shape. Uh, you do have an arm right here with cup holders. The seats look like they fold down 60 40. And in terms of thigh support, this is a little bit lacking. But at least you do get dual map pockets. Don’t expect to find the events back here.

And unfortunately, the materials are all hard touch plastic, even down there where your elbows might rest. Now, checking out the trunk of the Chevrolet Cruise, it is on the bigger end for the cloud, so it’s gonna measure about 14 cubic feet of space. The cruise actually only comes in a sedan. Don’t expect to find a coop or hatchback version like some of its competitors.

Now opening the hood of the Chevrolet Cruise will reveal a very small engine for the class. This is the company’s 1.4 liter ecotech turbocharge four cylinder. Now compared to most modern four cylinders, it lacks direct injection and has a block that’s made out of cast iron instead of aluminum. The numbers are 138 horsepower and 148 pound the.

Now the base engine in the cruise will be a 1.8 liter four that’s non turbocharged. It makes the same 138 horsepower, about 125 pound feet torque. Uh, it’s carried with a six speed manual or a six speed automatic driving the front wheels fuel economy for this two LT models. Rated at 26 in the city and 38 on the highway.

If you guys go for the cruise eco with the manual, it’ll get up to 28 C 42 on the highway. Let’s take a look at how it all works together. So today’s compact car comes in all different flavors in terms of its styling and its driving dynamics now Chevy. Has kind of been, they haven’t really had an identity on whether they want to be the sportiest or the most comfortable, and the cruise kind of falls into that market or until that category.

Uh, this new one certainly has much more refinement over the, the previous cobalt. But let’s take a look at and see how it drives

now the 1.4 liter turbocharge four cylinder, even though it’s one of the few turbocharge engines in the class, Um, it’s not, it’s not, don’t consider it the most powerful. It is relatively refin and it moves the col the cruise out well, but it’s not gonna blow you away with lots of power.

Now with only 138 horsepower on tap, this thing definitely is not gonna feel extremely quick, but it is With 148 pound feet of torque, it does have more torque than most of its competitors. So expect a series 60 time in about nine seconds. Um, it’s relatively class competitive now. Off the line, it does feel a little bit better and surprisingly, I, I drove this engine in the, um, Sonic and there’s a lot more refinement in the cruise.

It’s not as buzzy, it’s not as loud. The Buick Encore definitely gives you the most refinement just cuz it has the most sound detonating materials. Now, in terms of the rest of the driving dynamics to the cruise, it’s kind of a, a little bit vanilla. Um, I mean this is kind of more designed to appeal to the older generation.

It certainly feels that way. It’s very, very quiet in here. The steering wall, surprisingly, the cruise changes directions pretty easy. Yearly. It’s very light and numb. The cruise doesn’t exactly beg you to play in the corners like a focus wood or a Mazda three wood. This kind of feels like the American Toyota Corolla, which is, which doesn’t make it a bad thing.

That’s precisely the reason why Chevy sells so many of these things. It’s a hit with people cuz it’s designed to take you to and from where you need to go. With little fuss, it gets, it’s rated at good EPA numbers, it has a quiet interior. The ride quality is also quite good. Even though this car has a semi-independent torsion B suspension of the back, it actually soaks with the bumps quite well.

It’s just around the corners here. I can feel the steering doesn’t give you any feedback. Um, the cruise has a little bit more body lean than I’d like, and it just doesn’t like to be hurry per se.

Now, one area of the drive train that probably annoys me is this six feet automatic. It’s a little bit lazy to shift. It doesn’t like to shift in a hurry. It also doesn’t like being to shift out of its top gear. When I plant my foot, it actually hesitates for a second while it gets out of its overdrive gear, and then finally goes into like third.

Or second and gives me a little bit of power. So Chevy’s tune the transmission for fuel economy. I would probably say, you know, check out the manual transmission and see, uh, to improve the acceleration, the driving name a little bit more. But the rest of the, the way the rest of the car feels, it’s certainly starting to feel a little bit old.

I mean, I just tested the new Mazda three and this certainly feels like it’s gotten very, very old. Uh, you know, for a 1.4 liter turbo. The Mazda’s two liter 155 horsepower engine feels a little bit better than this. I think Chevy really needs to update this car, or at least give us a performance model.

They do have the RS model. But it doesn’t give you any more horsepower. I think this 1.4 should be pushing at least 160 horsepower. I think if they updated the block with aluminum and then, um, add a direct injection, I think it could easily be pushing 160 horsepower. I mean, even though this car is designed to appeal to a more older generation, they really should offer, you know, a performance model to compete along the lines of the focus St the Mazda speed three, uh, the Volkswagen gti.

I think that would really benefit the crew a lot. Anyways, the compact car segment is a very competitive place to have a vehicle, and what the cruise offers is definitely more of a grownup kind of a car. The interior is very quiet. The ride is very smooth. The interior is also roomy. Uh, the styling is very conservative. It’s not gonna draw very much attention the way a Mazda three would or a Ford focus would, or even the new Corolla.

The new Corolla, I have to say, even looks more stylish than this. So with all that said, Um, if you guys are in the market for a compact car, the cruise is certainly worth a look. Just know that it’s a little bit, it’s become one of the older designs and it’s amazing how fast that can happen in this class. Find out about the 2013 Chevrolet Cruze 4dr Sdn Man ECO for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our Used 2013 Nissan Juke 5dr Wgn CVT SV AWD Review and Used 2011 Honda Pilot 4WD 4dr EX Review here!