Used 2013 Chevrolet Equinox FWD 4dr LT w/1LT Review

Used 2013 Chevrolet Equinox FWD 4dr LT w/1LT Review

The Chevrolet Equinox rolls into 2013 with some new options that Chevy Hopes will keep it in consumers crosshairs as one of the more popular small crossovers on the market today. My tester is the top of the line all-wheel drive, L T Z model, which has the smaller 2.4 liter four cylinder engine and starts out in the low thirties for price.

How it drives and its fuel economy is coming up next on this episode of Every Man driver.

The 2013 Equinox is one of the vehicles that in terms of size, teeters on the SUV fence between small and mid-size, even though it’s classified as a mid-size, it may have something to do with its engine and power. But more on that in a moment. The Equinox features a distinctive roofline. Wraparound headlamps and dual round tail lamps.

It also stands out with a multi-dimensional hood wraparound rear side glasss and wheels at the corners stance for those thinking it’s body style is getting a little long in the tooth. You are right, but have patience. I have on good authority that there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing a refresh in the middle of 2013 with a focus on the nose and tail.


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So stay. Until then, I still think it’s an attractive and inviting vehicle. The black granite metallic paint job gets a thumbs up for me. My tester. Also sports, 18 inch chrome clad aluminum wheels, which will cost you an extra grand 19 inch are available as well. Otherwise, 17 or standard. We’ll check out the interior and ticket for a spin, but first let’s learn more about what makes it.

I’ve asked Christian Richard with Dave Smith Motors in Kellogg, Idaho to join us as we go under the hood of the Equinox to learn more about its performance and engine. Christian look. Good looking car. It is Dave, and thank you so much for asking about this particular vehicle. The 2013 Chevy Equinox really is a standout in its class.

It’s going in, taking off. That mantle of what we’ve had before is the most popular mid-size s u v, and now combining it as a crossover, which gives you many features that you loved in the sedan in a traditional S u V. So talk about numbers between, there’s two different engine types with this six speed automatic transmission.

There is, this is the 2.4 liter ecotech engine. It’s got 182 horsepower and 172 foot pounds of torque and new for 2013. We’re now offering the 3.6 liter, which gives you 301 horsepower and 272 foot pounds of torque. So two great power plants. How about ride and handling and stability Track? Stability track is a great feature that gives people, in fact, how was described when the consumer reports itself, that confident, steady feel behind the wheel in all conditions, particularly here in the Northwest where we love to be in the.

So how does that work for the driver when they get behind the wheel? The Equinox, the stability track, what it does is no matter how, what conditions they run into, if there’s any wheel slippage, they have the ABS brakes, limited sip differential, and it intelligently compensates for any of those conditions.

How about technology upgrades for 2013? One of the big ones that we have is our MyLink and the interior. The MyLink system is one that’s very easy to use. You can use it through voice recognition, through hand touch or through traditional controls, and it really gives the person access to their apps through their smartphones and allows them to fully integrate the vehicle into their.

People really like that technology that’s involved. They do. Let’s talk about fuel economy, because a vehicle like this where it’s an in between the S U V and the C U V people are really concerned about getting the most bang for their dollar. And really in its class, there’s nothing like it.

When you’ve got up to 32 miles to the gallon on the front wheel drive on the highway 29 on the all-wheel drive, and then in our new 3.6 liter, you’re gonna be up to 24 miles a gallon in the front wheel drive 23 in the in the all-wheel. Who’s the typical customer for an Equinox? It really is in every man or woman’s car in every condition, but the two categories I think of the most are like our middle son and daughter-in-law who are just moving up outta sedan, starting their family.

Or folks might like my wife and myself who are empty nesters now in our downsizing, maybe from a traditional suv. And we love the appeal of the crossover because it gives us that combination of the versatility we had and the mileage that we. More options in a very competitive marketplace. Absolutely.

All right, Christian, thanks very much. Thank you, Dave. The moment you step inside the Equinox, L T Z, you are immediately surrounded by luxury. In fact, it feels much more expensive than it really is. You have the leather seats, the leather wrap steering wheel. The instrument panel is laid out very nicely with options here on the dash as well as your steering wheel, and the nice accents here on the door with the way it was designed.

Different colors and the stitching as.

Here’s something I really like and I think makes a lot of sense. The second row of seats has a sliding mechanism, which gives you much more versatility. Right now here’s your current leg room, but you can slide the entire row backwards to give you more space for those bigger passengers or slide it forward to give you more room in the back for cargo.

Great idea.

It’s not all rainbows and lollipops with the Equinox. I do have one issue with the cargo area. Granted, I do the fact that the second row of seats slide forward and slide down to give you more space, but I like to haul around sports equipment like skis, camping equipment or bicycles, and the entryway is a little bit too narrow for my taste.

I think if you want more space getting into the back, you might have to upgrade to a larger suv.

Now I think the Everman driver might find this interesting. Chevrolet has installed noise absorbing elements in the chassis engine compartment and interior and windshield glass, making the cabin one of the quietest in the segment. The Equinox features six airbags, which are standard as well as eight cup and bottle holders and 18 storage areas, including this extra.

Center console. A few of the other new features for 2013 include a safety package with forward collision alert and Lane departure warning, which are now available on both four-cylinder and V6 models, and rear park assist. Also available in 2013, but not installed in my tester. A rear seat, dual player DVD entertainment system. Find out about the Used 2013 Chevrolet Equinox FWD 4dr LT w/1LT for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our 2009 Honda Civic Sdn 4dr Man LX-S Review and Used 2011 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen Review here!