Used 2009 Honda Civic Sdn 4dr Man LX-S Review

Used 2009 Honda Civic Sdn 4dr Man LX-S Review

Let’s go over. Another civic. Now I know what you’re thinking. Oh my God. Another plebeian Civic. This car’s pretty hot in the used car market, so I thought I would go over this one. This one’s a 2010 lxs. Now, I always thought I would see myself owning this generation civic ever since the eighth generation came out in 2006.

I always love the car. 2009 is when they updated the car. They gave it new styling in the front. The new grill, the new six point grill. New front fascia, new bumper, new wheels new backend. This particular one is an lxs model. Now it’s in between an LX and an ex model. And Honda introduced this trim level in 2009.

What they basically did is they recycled the rims from the oh eight ex model. Those five spoke wheels, which are a nice design. The ex got those multis spoke dark finished wheels, which also look pretty good as well. Now the eighth generation Civic has gotten a lot of praise. It was Motor Trend’s 2006 Car of the Year.

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It was touted for being. One of the most futuristically styled vehicles, and it was a radical departure from the seven Gen Civic. Not everyone in Honda liked the H Gen. Not, or not all the enthusiasts liked the hn. Personally, myself, I like the H Gen a lot. I would still take one over seven gen just because I like the styling of it.

It still looks really fresh today and it’s really hot car in the used car market just because with the prices that they’ve dropped a little bit to. You can get these for a pretty good deal. This one’s a 2010 with about 48,000 miles. And the color is my favorite, one of my favorite Honda colors.

Tango Red Pearl. Coming to the interior, the Lxs just comes with a black interior, only with silver stitching on the seats. You can knock, get another interior color with the lxs, so don’t try to find one now. Getting inside. It’s all familiar stuff in here. Just have your standard Honda key. No trunk popper though.

I noticed that. You get a trunk popper with an ex model. And see 48,499 miles and just your familiar 1.8 liter startup sound. The one thing I did notice, now the windows automatic up and down for the driver, so that’s pretty nice. That was really nice back in the sub, in the compact class for, its for its time.

One thing I noticed about this eight generation civic is the seven Chance Civic actually has a stronger air conditioning system. It’s still cold in here, like it’s. I’m like, how hot is it outside? There’s no temp gauge in here. I just remember that the ex is what gives you a temperature gauge outside.

The seven Chan Civics fantastic ac, they blew really cold, the eight chan, it’s cold. It’s not as lukewarm as my fit when it’s this hot outside, but it’s definitely not as cold. They must use a different compressor system versus the seven chan is the interior in this car is quite, has gotten pretty familiar, but for those of you who aren’t familiar, of course the two-tier dash is what Honda introduced in 2006.

They still use it to this day for the ninth generation Civic. I updated slightly with the new screen on the side. Now the rest of the interior goes. The dashboard here is this hard plastic material, which is whatever the graining actually is. Pretty nice. It’s much better than the hard plastic and the nine 10 civics, the current civics it’s soft touch over here that kind of follows through all the way to the side or all the way in that whole piece over there.

What’s really nice though, is the door panels here are soft touch. That’s really important because I rest my elbows here when I’m driving. So that’s really important. You do have this really cheap plastic right here, but if you get an E if you get a leather model, Stitch this with leather, but the cloth models don’t have that soft touch right here where your elbows are gonna go.

And it’s lined with the cloth from the seat fabric. Now what the lxs gives you is it gives you this leather wrapped steering wheel with the side bolstering extensions, which, and perforated leather, which I don’t have the side bolstering extensions on my fit. But It’s still missing steering wheel audio controls.

You have to get the ex to get the steering wheel. Audio controls. Five speed automatic transmission with the lxs. No. Manual transmission was an option on the lxs? I don’t believe so. And in the rest of the interior goes, like I said, you have the black. Cloth interior with the silver stitching.

That was mainly the difference. If you upgrade to the ex, you got a better sound system. You got a moon roof, you got automatic off headlights, which you don’t get on this one. Your auxiliary port’s in here, over here, I’m sorry if you got an ex, you got a usb. Cup holders are nice and big, pretty nice storage here.

That’s the one thing the Honda’s pretty. I like this cup holder cover here. It’s pretty sturdy, like you can’t flex that in. They got rid of the cup holder covers for the ninth turn civics. They also got rid of the sliding and adjusting arm rest, which was a stupid thing to get rid of. But there’s no power port in there, weirdly enough.

And it’s only a single tier. The seats in this car are very supportive, comfortable. I love the seats coming. Seats. That’s where the civic still excels. Even to this day. It’s one of the roomier sub or compacts in the class. You have this really nice flat floor here, so the center passenger in the middle can actually put their foot there.

It makes it com more comfortable for the middle passenger. There’s no pockets here, though. I am noticing. There’s no pockets, no vents there, but that’s expected. You’re materials on the door panel back here are still soft touch, so that’s really nice and soft touch There still the same plastic, cheap stuff over there.

The seats are only a single folding. Fold down. If you get an ex, you get the dual fold or the split folding, and you get an armrest here. So there are certain benefits besides just a sunroof and alloys. For an ex, the chunk of the civic is about average for its class, about 12 and a half cubic feet, I wanna say.

But it has a pretty large opening. You can see here’s the. Mechanism or the lever to fold the seats, just one’s piece folding. You have your temporary spare under air with all its jacks and whatnot. The lxs also gives you that chrome exhaust tip and the rear deck lid spoiler from the civic hybrid. It still has drum brakes in the rear.

Upgrade to the ex and you will get the rear disc brakes.

And of course, your typical, smooth racy, refined Honda, 1.8 liter four cylinder, single overhead cam engines. Same engine in the current generation. Civic makes 148 horse or 140 horsepower. I’m thinking about the Elantra 128 foot pounds of torque Honda’s IV tech system, which they used to, put a cover on that says that, but doesn’t say that anymore.

But low maintenance gas mileage is about 25 City, 36 Highway, but expect to get more than that. But the car moves out pretty well with the five speed auto. Definitely go for the manual though for an enthusiasts cuz it makes the car more fun to drive. All right, so for those of you who are in the market for their first car, I know you’re looking at one of these civics.

So let’s take a look at how this car drives. Shall we? So you what you’ll probably notice after you’ve com, like test drove something else. The dashboard in this vehicle is very long. You’ll have to get used to the view is weird. You can’t really see the front of the hood, but this car’s very easy to drive.

It’s very light, it’s very easy to drive. The steering is really precise. It gives you a feeling of confidence that even the new civic doesn’t give you anymore. The steering, for example, it’s very, it gives you a. It has a you turn the wheel, the car responds and changes direction. The current civic doesn’t do that anymore.

It’s very numb in the way the steering responds to your inputs. What you do notice with the older civic is it’s a little noisier than the old, than the new civic, but that’s okay with me just cuz this car feel is more playful.

And of course this is a compact car, so don’t expect a. Thundering levels of performance, but it’s a Honda engine. You have to rev the snot out of them to get them to go and they’re pretty rewarding engines to rev out. All Honda engines pretty much are. And you can ac actually hear the vtech hook in at about 5,000 rpm.

The car moves out fine. It fill, it feels a little suggish right now. It’s just cuz the air conditioning is on that’s not def, that’s not helping at all. And it’s like a hundred degrees. Right now as well.

But driving normally the five speed automatic shifts quick, it’s well matched to the engine’s power band. Remember Honda the Civic for oh six was one of the first compact cars that actually had a five speed automatic. All the other ones were still using four speeds. And it’s a shame because Honda used to be, the leader, they used to be the ones that introduced the new technology first.

Now they’re playing catch up cause they’re still using a five speed automatic today in the current civic. But acceleration and Army numbers are still with the class, so imagine if they do move to a six speed. Now, the ride in here is very nice. It’s firm, but it’s still compliant. But what you notice though is the handling.

This car changes directions really easily and it’s just a really nice car to drive. As a commuter car, as your first car, I would definitely always recommend an eight 10 Civic to somebody just because they’re still great cars and they’re great value in the market today. I also personally think they look fresh still today too.

They don’t look completely dated. Another thing that is dated, there’s no Bluetooth in here. There’s no satellite radio. Mean, if you wanted all that stuff, you had to get the navigation model. Like you have to get a navigation equip model to get Bluetooth and the satellite radio, which sucks, but Honda’s learning and they finally put it on their lower trim levels as well.

But anyways, guys, if you’re in the market for one, for your first car, I definitely recommend one of these generation civics. So if you find one that’s in good condition, definitely snatch it up. They’re pretty common today in the market, especially in this I, but to get it in these kinds of colors, like this black color is pretty. Find out about the Used 2009 Honda Civic Sdn 4dr Man LX-S for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our Used 2016 Jeep Patriot FWD 4dr Sport Review and Used 2013 Chevrolet Equinox FWD 4dr LT w/1LT Review here!