Used 2016 Jeep Patriot FWD 4dr Sport Review

Used 2016 Jeep Patriot FWD 4dr Sport Review

Today I’m reviewing a 2015 Jeep Patriot, which is a compact suv first introduced by Jeep, starting for the 2007 model year. It was produced through the 2017 model, year before being discontinued despite pretty good sales volumes at that point. Now the Patriot is built on the same platform as the Dodge Caliber, and it’s the mechanical equivalent to the Jeep Comp.

With a few exceptions. This vehicle is offered with Jeep’s Freedom Drive two System, which gives it some additional off-road capability. I’ll get to that in a moment. Now, from a styling standpoint, the Patriot and the Compass are also vastly different. The Compass has a very modern, kind of odd, quirky look to it, whereas the Patriot has kind of a more classic Jeep look.

It’s got a very boxy nature to it. Everything about the vehicle is very square and it’s got a few features that kind of pay tribute to some of those original Jeep models. You’ll notice that it’s got a fairly upright windshield, and then we’ve also got the circular headlights up front and the seven slot grill.

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Overall, I think it’s a really great looking vehicle from a dimensional standpoint. It’s also very similar to the Jeep Cherokee. It’s got basically the same height, width, and length that you saw in that original Cherokee model. The main difference being that this is a crossover vehicle with a front wheel drive orientation, whereas the Cherokee was body on frame construction with a rear rear wheel drive.

Now what you really see as a difference primarily with that is that the original Cherokee is gonna be a little bit more off-road capable, whereas the Patriot is gonna offer better on-road manners. Um, it’s got a car chassis, so it’s gonna be much quieter, better handling, much smoother, um, than that original Jeep Cherokee model.

Now, while the Patriot’s not as off-road capable as that original Cherokee, it does have some definite credibility in that area too, especially when you give it that Freedom Drive two… Now for starters, the vehicle’s got a pretty decent front approach and rear departure angle. It’s got 8.1 inches of standard ground clearance, and then when you get that Freedom Drive two system, it also gives you a stiffer suspension that raises the vehicle up to nine inches of ground clearance.

So fairly decent in that sense. The Freedom Drive two system also has an electronically controlled clutch, which allows the vehicle to transfer up to 60% of power to the rear of the vehicle. Doesn’t have a locking differential, but the uh, transmission will allow the vehicle to shift power. The two sides of the vehicle, give you a little bit of that additional traction.

If you get in a sticky situation, you also get additional skid plates with that freedom drive two-system package. You’ve got hill descent control. Then the vehicle also has the ability to lock into four-wheel drives. There’s a little lever inside that you can pull, which locks it in that four-wheel drive, rather than allowing the computers to shift power.

Um, the vehicle’s available in two different trim packages. This is the S model. With the S model, you’ll see what we’ve got. The black door handles and black mirrors. Uh, this is kind of the base model of the patriot. And then they’ve also got a limited model, which adds a little bit of chrome on the exterior and then some added features inside.

Overall, I think it comes together really nicely from a. Standpoint, not crazy about the looks that you get in the first generation of the compass. The Patriot in comparison, I think has a pretty good overall look, and really comes together nicely. Uh, the other thing that’s different between the s and the limited package is that the S package comes with 16-inch wheels.

The limited model comes with 17 inches. Looking inside the Patriot, you’ll see that it’s got a very basic interior, pretty nice looking overall, but not a lot of standard options. It’s about as bare bones as they come. We don’t even get power windows or door locks. Those are both manually operated. Seeds are also manually operated on the steering wheel.

We’ve got controls on the left-hand side here for some settings on the instrument cluster, right-hand side for cruise control.

A center dash here, we’ve got our audio system, which has an FM and radio cd, and then we’ve also got an auxiliary input. So you can connect an MP3 or phone vehicle. Does have a pretty good sounding speaker system, single zone climate. Below that, you can turn off traction control. You’ve got your emergency lights and then a 12 volt outlet.

Vehicle’s got the automatic transmission. Two cup holders Got that four wheel drive lock button. And then we’ve got center console, which has two compartments,

and then it does slide forward as well. Up top, we’ve got a few reading lights and a manual dimming rear view mirror.

In the backseat. Pretty decent leg room, head and shoulder. Little storaged space in the door here, we’ve got two cup holders. Quick view up front.

Seat backs do fold down in a 60 40 split increasing rear cargo space.

And then if we come around to the back, you’ll see that it’s pretty good on rear cargo area as well. The square dimensions, especially help maximizing this space. Under the floorboard, we do have a spare tire as well. The Jeep Patriot is available in either front wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Front wheel drive models come standard with a two liter four cylinder that’s got 158 horsepower and an EPA rating of 22 to 23 miles per gallon in the city, and 26 to 30 miles per gallon on the highway front wheel drive.

And all-wheel drive models are also available with a 2.4 liter four cylinder that has 172 horsepower. EPA rating on those models is 20 to 23 in the city and 23 to 28 on the highway. Zero to six time is 8.7 seconds. Both engines are available with either a five speed manual, six speed auto or CV T automatic transmission.

There’s a lot that I do like about the Patriot, but my biggest reservation about it is the, just overall it feels very cheap. The ride quality’s not all that good. The power train’s not incredible, and the interior is very bare bones, a lot of hard plastics and. That attractive either. Um, I tested a GMC Terrain the other day, which is another compact suv, and in comparison I had a really premium feel to it.

A lot of standard features, really great design and layout. Ride quality was really good. Powertrain was awesome. Um, and if I was comparing the two vehicles head to head, it’s a no-brainer. I go with the GMC Terrain. I do like the fact that this is a Jeep. It’s got that rugged styling on the exterior and some of those off-road features that you get with the Freedom Drive system.

Really nice, but really when you compare the two vehicles head to head, this falls short despite the fact that it’s very competitively priced. So we’ll go ahead and pull onto the highway and give it a little acceleration test here. It’s working pretty hard to get up to those highway speeds. Transmission isn’t shifting all that great.

I wouldn’t say that the powertrain is that terrible or that poorly suited to the vehicle, but it’s not really that impressive either. You know, some other vehicles that I’ve tested within this category, I’d say have better engines, but have also tested worse. That’s a review of the 2015 Jeep Patriot. This vehicle definitely has a few high points.

For starters, I really like the exterior styling on it. It’s a great looking vehicle, and it’s got that classic Jeep look. It’s spacious inside, it’s very practical, it’s fuel efficient, and best of all, it’s very affordable. Now with that affordability, there are few drawbacks. Ride quality’s not all that good.

Powertrain isn’t amazing and the vehicle’s got a very basic interior, not a lot of options, and a pretty cheap overall feel. Now if you’re looking to get into a Jeep, you want that Jeep image and you’re trying to do it at a very affordable price, and you’re willing to accept some of those compromises, this might be the vehicle for you. Find out about the Used 2016 Jeep Patriot FWD 4dr Sport for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be make sure to check out our Used 2013 Volkswagen GTI Review and Used 2009 Honda Civic Sdn 4dr Man LX-S Review here!