Used 2018 Kia Soul + Auto Review

Used 2018 Kia Soul + Auto Review

I love the trim level names for this one, but so that when it comes to the power plant, each individual true level will get its own engine set up. First one, belonging to the base trim that is gonna be powered from a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated force cylinder, putting out 130 horsepower at 60.

Hundred RPM and 118 pound-feet of Torque Hill boat, around 4,800 RPM, and power for all these engine setups are sent to the front wheels. And for that trim, you’re gonna get a six-speed manual or a six speed automatic with MPGs coming in at 24 in the city, and 30 on the highway. Prefer the plus trim level that’s gonna be powered by a two-liter naturally aspirated force cylinder, putting out 161 horsepower, 160 pound-feet of torque.

That one is strictly gonna come with the six feet automatic with manual shift mode, giving you 25 miles per gallon in the city and 30 on the highway. And the last engine. The one I have today belongs to the top trim level, that one’s gonna be powered by a 1.6-liter turbo charge four-cylinder engine.

That one puts out 201 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 195 pound-feet of torque available at around 1500 rpm. Again, power is sent to the front wheels, but on this one power is gonna be sent to the wheels through a seven-speed dual plus transmission with shift mode once again. And MPG numbers come in at 26 in the city and 31 on the highway.

But so now before I test out the acceleration, I did. And one additional fun little feature on the soul is there is a drive mode button located on the steering wheel Here on the right side, there is only one drive mode button, but it is still a fun drive mode button that is gonna set you to sport mode if you wanted to immediately downshift like it just did, holding the RPMs at a much higher level, giving you more power on demand.

And it also gives you a slightly different gauge cluster up there as well, which I think is pretty cool. But now you guys, since I have not done it yet in sport mode, let’s do a quick little acceleration here and see how quickly we can get 2018. You’re up to speed. 

Oh my goodness, this thing pulls freaking hard.  very impressed. I do have the most powerful engine set up in this one, of course, but yeah, the 1.6-liter turbo really pulls hard. Definitely no issues with merging onto the highway with this one, but so along with acceleration, breaking his is equally important.

It’s over in 2018, so you will find four-wheel disc brakes for every single trim level. Up front, there are 11-inch front disks in the back, 10.3-inch rear disk. And it will say if you go with the trim level I have today, that it’s gonna bump the front rotors up an inch to 12-inch front disks. And to touch a little bit on the handling up front are McPherson struts, gas-filled shock absorbers, and a stabilizer bar In the back.

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There is a couple of torsion beam axle along with gas-filled shock absorbers. Once again. And it will say the steering field is not the heaviest steering field, but again, it’s not the loosest either. So it does give you kind of a sporty steering field. I pretty much say it’s as expected for the Kia soul when it comes to ride quality.

I’ve had no issues so far in my little short drive here, so I could. Long road trips in this one being absolutely not a problem. And when it comes to visibility, there is a giant rear window back there. So absolutely no issues there either. But anyways, enough with the driving dynamics you guys. Let’s check out the exterior of the 2018 Kia Soul.

It’s, so to start, I did wanna first mention there is a new color for 2018 that is gonna be labeled Wild Orange, and that is the one you were looking at right now. Anyways, up front there is a matte black front bumper. For the base trim, you are gonna get a body colored front bumper for the plus trim and a gloss black front bumper with red accents.

If you go with the trim level I have today to the sides, there are multi reflector headlights for all trim levels, and you do get the automatic feature with the plus trim and up. Meaning when it starts to get dark out, the headlights will turn on automatically for you. There also just below for the plus turman up, you do get front fog lights as well.

I did what also mentioned there are H I D headlamps available with auto leveling and L E D fog lamps that come with that. If you go with the technology package, that adds an additional $3,000 on that one and make your way to the sides of our red accents on that lower body molding. If you go with the trim level I have today, also you’re gonna find that sole accent on the front fender.

That is for all trim levels. Of course, rear privacy glass also comes standard on this one. Body colored power adjustable side mirrors and their side mirrors do come heated with the plus trim level and up, and you will get l e D turd signals again if you have the trim level that I have today. But now looking down as far as the wheel setup goes, base trim is gonna give you 16 inch allo wheels plus trim is gonna give you 17 inch.

And the ones you were looking at right now are the 18 inch 10 spoke allo wheels. Then make your way to the back. There is a rear window wiper back there along with the sole badging. And if you wanted a rear spoiler, that adds an additional $395. And just blow it all. A single exhaust outlet. And you do get dual exhaust tips if you go with the trim level I have today.

So as always, you guys here is that exhaust clip.

And now since we are around back to open that rear hatch, you can unlock it with the key fob, but to actually open it, simply lift up under the rear hatch. And that is gonna open that one up for you. But once open up cargo capacity is gonna come in at 24.2 cubic feet. And if that was not quite enough space for you, you can fold those rear seats down for a ton of added space.

Bumping the cubic. Feet this up to 49.5. Definitely a good bit there. And there is a cargo under tray in the rear trunk there as well. So if you needed even more storage, that’s there for you as well. But make your way up to the rear leg room that comes in at 39.1 inches. So for reference, I’m an even six feet tall.

This is how much space I back there. And if you wanted a rear center armrest with a cup holder that is gonna be on the plus turman up, and they make your way to the front seats, they do come with a. Finish with orange stitching if you go with the exclamation point trim, but all trims are gonna give you a six-way manually adjustable driver’s seat.

Plus, trim it up is gonna give you power adjustable seats, and there are optional heated front and rear seats available, so that’s pretty cool. You don’t see the heated seats in the back too often, but. Looking forward, there is a tilt and telescoping steering wheel does come leather wrapped on the trim I have today.

And a heated steering wheel is available on the plush trim and up. And I do have that one today. So on cold days in Pennsylvania, that is definitely a very nice feature to have. But now when it comes to the startup, let me first start. By showing you guys the key here. You do have your Kia logo on the one side and when you flip it over, got lock, unlock and the unlock button for the rear house.

But this key is gonna be specific to the exclamation point trim that I have today. So that is the one that is gonna give you a push button start. So that is what I’m going to do is simply put my foot on the brake and press that engine start button and then once started up, tachometer is gonna be on your left speedometer.

On your right there is a small digital display, front and center letting you know information like how many miles you have left until you hit empty. There is a digital speedometer you could set it on. There’s a compass you could choose from and a couple other settings and to control what is on that screen.

By the way, there are steering wheel mounting controls on the right side of the steering wheel for that. But then taking a look at overall interior quality, there is a overhead sunglass holder for altru levels. There is a panoramic sunroof that comes optional. That is an additional thousand dollars, but I do have that today.

Letting in so much more light. So definitely appreciative for that. By the way, that panoramic sunroof also comes with L e d interior lighting as well, which I did notice. That’s pretty cool too. But most of the fun happens front and center because tech display is definitely very nice on the soul. You do get a smaller tech display if you go with the Bay Trim level.

I will. Say, but if you jump up to the plus trim level and up, you are gonna get a seven inch color touchscreen display that is gonna come standard with Bluetooth and audio streaming, as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. So when you hook your smartphone up to the car, you have a free navigation system through your smartphone, as well as the ability to like and dislike your Pandora songs up on that screen as well.

Now when it comes to the sound system, the sole standard setup is gonna come with six speakers, including those dash-mounted tweeters, which Altru levels are gonna get. But I do have the optional sound system today that is gonna be powered by Harmon Cardin. That is gonna add an additional $1,500, but that is gonna give you a subwoofer, which you guys are looking at right now, located in the trunk, as well as speaker lights, which is.

Definitely, a nice feature, and that package deal is gonna add an eight-inch color touchscreen display as well as the factory navigation system up there as well if you were interested. But since I do have the Harmon card and sound system today, let’s turn on the radio and test out the clarity of that one the ridiculous amount of based on that armored Cardin system. Definitely, a huge fan of that one works extremely well for the soul. And the last thing I wanted to mention on detect display is when you do put the soul in reverse, you do have a reverse camera letting you know who or what is behind you, which is always, it’s gonna lead me into safety.

And so to start, there are front side and side curtain airbags. In the back, there is the latch, aka lower wear anchors, and tethers for children for the rear car seats. Also back there, there are rear child door locks. A tire pressure monitoring system does come standard for Altru levels, and there are some optional safety features available, including blind spot detection, rear cross-traffic alert, autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control as well. Find out about the 2018 Kia Soul + Auto for sale here in our Used Ames Cars inventory. Also, be sure to check out our Used 2015 Subaru Forester Review and Used 2016 Subaru Outback 4dr Wgn 2.5i Limited Review here!